How you arrange a wedding celebration? What do you need?

Wedding - this event remains in the memory of a lifetime, and that the memories were bright, colorful and pleasant, it is important to take care of the proper design and decoration of the celebration.

entrance to the wedding Decoration

Often, most of the entrances, do not look in the best way. And what if you have a wedding and you want to, no matter what your holiday is not clouded? Colorfully decorated entrance of the bride on the wedding will long remain in the memory not only the newlyweds, but also all guests.

Often, the bride remove ransom not only on camera, but a video camera, and of course would like to see those memories were vivid and colorful than the gray and dull as most of our entrances. Thus, the need to decorate the entrance of the bride at a wedding there.

Options for decorating the bride's entrance into many a wedding, it all depends on the size of the budget that you are willing to spend on it.

Decoration of the hall for the wedding

How you arrange a wedding celebration? What do you need?

Skins numerous weddings, choose what to liking you.

Decoration of the hall for the wedding - one of the most important design elements. Most young approach to solving this problem in advance and with full responsibility.

Options decoration of the hall for the wedding is not so much:

  • is balloons,
  • tissue and
  • flowers.

One of the most inexpensive ways to decorate the room for the wedding are the balls. Just decoration wedding room cloth can also do not so expensive, if we use the rental service fabric.

What does this mean for a? This means that you only pay for the idea of ​​decorating the hall for the wedding cloth. This will save you from 30% of the budget. Unfortunately, the decoration of the hall for the wedding flowers is difficult to reduce the budget, as flowers, as well as balls, used a few times is not possible with the decoration of the hall.

And the cost of color at times exceeds the cost of the balls, but here too there is a way out. You can designate colors only those elements which are the most important - is, as a rule, the presidium table.

Table decoration for wedding

How you arrange a wedding celebration? What do you need?

table decorations for the wedding the young is a must.

On the table newlyweds concentrated attention, so a table decoration bride and groom - is the main task.

None of the restaurant does not offer a proper table decoration young.

As a rule, any restaurant is quite standard, a simple table decoration.

Therefore, it is necessary to take charge of various embodiments table decoration:

  • is a drapery fabric,
  • flower decoration and
  • much more.

Do not forget about jewelry backdrop, as a rule, drapery fabric, with elements of decoration of flowers or balloons. The backdrop for the young at least an important part of decoration at the table, especially if behind you - bar.

wedding decoration balls

How you arrange a wedding celebration? What do you need?

Why wedding decoration balls? Decorated with balloons weddings, in no way inferior in registration of weddings, decorated with other elements of decor. With the help of balloons, you can create any design elements, this is the first, and in - the second wedding decoration balls several times cheaper.

Just to balloons resort, if you are in the wedding hectic forgot about decoration, and the need is there, then the balloons will be most welcome. After all, to decorate wedding balloons unnecessarily much time to prepare.

tissue wedding decorations

Wedding decoration fabric is a more laborious task that requires coordination and some training. If you want to decorate a wedding cloth, then it will need to take care in advance. Buy everything you need and consider the color palette, which will be combined with the surrounding obstavnovkoy.