Straightening long term

So we are organized, we want what we do not possess. Girl with straight hair dreaming of curls, and the girl on the nature endowed with beautiful curly hair to straighten their dreams.

Straightened hair with a hair dryer or ironing, but the effect lasted briefly.

How best to straighten your hair, that it was a long time?

There are several ways. It is advisable to straighten you hair done at the hairdresser. This procedure will be done professionally and cause the least harm to the hair. In addition, you will receive expert advice on the further hair care.

Permanent hair straightening

The procedure is performed most often. Hair straightening occurs after one treatment and persists for a long time. Once straightened hair in this way, you will not do it every day.

Straightening long term

Initially, the hair is applied to a special composition containing proteins and other essential components. Under the influence of the composition of hair porosity bounces back. Next, the hair coated with a special leveling compound. It changes the structure of hair. The next step - the heat treatment. It is performed using ceramic instruments. Another special blend to be applied after the heat treatment allows to fix the modified hair structure. Finally, the treated hair for their moisturizing, nourishment and protection from adverse environmental factors. The hair becomes manageable, shiny. I advise following the procedure used batiste professional shampoos.

A special hair care

Straightening long term

Do not straighten colored and damaged hair. It is impossible to straighten hair for pregnant and nursing mothers, those who have a scalp lesion (seborrhea), suffering from hypertension, during the menstrual cycle. Against the background of disturbed metabolism, and during or after the disease also can not do hair straightening procedure. Do not come to the barber after drinking.

Keratin straightening will make your hair smooth and shiny. The essence of the method is the restoration of keratin, the major component of hair. This procedure can be performed after coloring or highlighting. In turn, after straightening hair in two weeks they can be re-painted. Once keratin straightening hair straightened for several months.

Straightening long term

If you have the time and inclination to treat hair at home, then using hair masks after washing, it is possible to achieve a short-term hair straightening or enhance the beauty of the already straightened hair.

Straightening long time using the above methods - a novelty in the market of hairdressing, which immediately found widespread. Hair retain its shape after washing or rain and wind. After straightening the hair they do not become worse, medications used to affect the hair, do it carefully. In the future, only need to straighten the roots grow back.

Despite the fact that the hair straightening procedure is considered relatively safe, yet when it should be regarded as damaged hair (straightening breaks designed for us the nature of the hair structure) and therefore need to pay more attention to her hair, feed them and take good care of them.