From what to wear fashionable shoes boys

Needless to say, it is convenient and practical sneakers and athletic shoes prefers most of the male half of humanity.

And all because of the fact that this shoe looks great not only with a sports suit, but also with clothes in casual style, and very comfortable.

From the convenience and practicality to wear shoes very difficult to give up, and the girls. Since stylish and modern sneakers support mainly simple and free style street clothes, appropriate footwear that must be properly selected and combined with the shoes, creating a harmonious way.

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With what stylists are advised to wear sneakers guys?

From what to wear fashionable shoes boys

The main rule - do not wear with athletic shoes stringent, formal trousers and a tuxedo or suit. This combination will look absurd and ridiculous, but in no way will show your good taste and certainly not accentuate your style. Such classic male wardrobe items are best combined with patent-leather shoes or boots stringent.

We do not recommend you to wear sneakers and shorts, the shorter, but if you come and do it, be sure to wear short socks. Such a bold way is not for everyone. Therefore, intending to wear sports shoes, it is better to select, such as sport suit or jeans with a T-shirt. Such an image is well suited for sports or walking. Desktop type is advised to combine a large sweater knit, turtleneck shirt or trousers (or jeans, depending on your position) with practical shoe. In any case, classical or ripped jeans a great addition to this unique shoe.

What to wear sneakers guys at the party?

From what to wear fashionable shoes boys

You can wear them with the usual jeans and a jacket (for example, in a large square) to highlight the country style. Good complement the image of a leather strap watch. This style is also suitable for meetings with friends.

With monophonic pants and shirt (vest) is not bright colors can be worn krossvki in color. This style is more street and easy. Sports footwear as well be combined with protective clothing, highlighting your informal style. Complete your appearance classic T-shirt in the color of sneakers.

They will also look great with surround backpack or sports bag. In general, a lot of combinations, therefore, emphasize your individuality only proper clothing and footwear.