Socks: I made a bargain

Socks are present in every man's wardrobe. In today's market, they are presented in a wide range. How to make the most favorable purchase?

I do not know, maybe I'm the only one, but for some reason when dealing with a person my opinion immediately falls on shoes and then the color of the socks. With me it happens unconsciously, and perhaps because I myself belong to the choice of socks very picky.

After all, there are some basic criteria which should determine your choice. And I try to meet them without departing from the taste preferences to always look good.

For example, there are socks that are designed for specific cases and under special kind of clothes or occupation. Thus, you will attract to your socks too much attention. But such an accessory or item of clothing can completely spoil the impression of you and your taste.

Socks: I made a bargain

The first rule, which I consider, is that the white socks - are mainly sports. Since outside sports activities wear them would be a big mistake. This should not be done, even if you prefer bright colors in clothes. In such cases, fit beige or olive green socks. But if you go to the gym or going for a jog utreshnyuyu, the white color of the product will be the ideal option for running shoes. Black or gray model - optimal for jeans. Therefore, we divide all your socks at least two piles: whites and all the rest.

Also, follow me and for their form. For example, to run a summer morning under the shorts, I never wear long socks, the more so today in an assortment of shops have short and ultrashort models that have proven to be the best side.

Acquire 100 cotton socks because I prefer only natural fabrics. My choice fell on cotton, as the products made from this material do not roll down and secured to the leg, regardless of the intensity of the movements. In addition, they are not deformed and do not lose their original shape even after frequent washing. Moreover, in the care they are also ideal, t. E. Absolutely unpretentious. They are easy to wash, they dry quickly, and so on. D.

{Lopkovye socks - is a versatile choice, because are cheap, decent quality material, wear-resistant, air is passed excellent (I call them "breathe"). And they are well removes moisture, making it ideal for sports and a very hot summer days. However, even in a thin product you will be comfortable in the cold winter night. Perhaps my simple tips to help you decide on the right purchase socks.