Getting rid of the bags under your eyes at home

"Bags" under the eyes colloquially referred to as swelling of the skin in the area surrounding the eye - this is not a decoration, and most people are tearing their hair out, like seeing the morning.

Lyutuyut especially women - even with the help of high-quality cosmetics to hide the bags and puffiness is not so easy.

The causes of bags under the eyes and swelling

Eyeballs in humans protects body fat - it is located on top of the eye muscles. But in addition to the protective function, it also conserves moisture. If there is a surplus in the body fluids, the swelling will appear again and again - and if this issue is not addressed soon, the skin will gradually stretch, getting used to this state.

All this will lead to a rather sad results - permanent "bags".

Getting rid of the bags under your eyes at home

This problem is very common, because the reasons causing her a lot - from alcohol and smoking, and ending with fatigue, lack of sleep and stress.

Besides the already mentioned reasons, there may be more, and medical - an allergic reaction or inflammation of the nose and throat, or eyes. Sometimes, however, this swelling does not is swelling it may be one of the manifestations of obesity, hereditary skin diseases and others, although it is not particularly common.

Women should pay more attention to "bags" during the premenstrual syndrome - it is one of its attributes. The same result may cause long-term use of low-quality cosmetics.

If your lifestyle does not include the nightly gatherings, drink and cigarettes, then the appearance of swelling should go to the doctor - this may be the body's signal that more or less serious diseases of internal organs.

How to get rid of "bags" under the eyes?

First of all, you can exclude yourself this question, you can exclude from your diet plenty of salty and spicy, not eat at night, enough sleep and stop smoking and drinking. You can hide the bags under the eyes of literate makeup. By the way, you can be trained make-up and enjoy the beautiful face ever!

But this is only prevention, but to get rid of already appeared edema have much hard work;

Getting rid of the bags under your eyes at home

The same as a prevention method, but not only, you can use a variety of creams and masks, lymphatic drainage, massage century - it will help to avoid the appearance of "bags" under the eyes, and quickly get rid of them;

Medication treatment involves the removal of the adipose tissue and strengthening the eye membrane - a surgical procedure, but they at least some cases, the only thing that remains;

You can also contact a licensed cosmetologist in the beauty salon.

Peeling, Spot infrared laser and impact on the micro-currents likely to help eliminate or at least to improve the condition of the skin around the eyes;

Folk remedies for swelling and bags under the eyes at home:

At the first sign of swelling after washing can attach to the centuries of ice wrapped in gauze. In addition, you can use a cloth and soak it in cold water - the need to compress and leave on the eyes at the time of about 10-15 minutes;

eyewash from the cooled tea bags of black tea may also help. Of course, this is best done in a supine position;

Can help and other gadgets - made of twisted grinder parsley and milk. The mixture should be wrapped in gauze and also leave on the eyelids for 15-20 minutes; In addition there is a boiled pumpkin - in this case, the "bags" to put straight pieces, and remove and wash with green tea in a quarter of an hour;

If the house has a Melissa officinalis, then it is necessary to squeeze the juice and dip to a few slices of plain white bread - all wrapped up in cotton wool or gauze, and then, these lotions are applied to the eyes. This is a pretty effective way as it helps to remove swelling (in severe cases - only in part), just half an hour;

You can also use sachets of green tea - only pre-wrapped them in a cloth or several layers of bandage. It is necessary to avoid skin staining, and tea bags can do just that. Packs of them should be held in front of a quarter of an hour and ten minutes is better;

warm mashed potatoes will not only help get rid of the swelling, but also rejuvenate the skin. It is clear that it is also necessary to wrap up the best in gauze;

Besides the already mentioned methods, you can make a mask out of protein and honey - the latter need tablespoon (and it should be a liquid, in the extreme case, melted). Wheat flour is added to density. You need to use as a normal face mask;

Cucumber lotion also help - should be a vegetable grate fingers and apply directly to the skin. From above paste is covered with cotton pad soaked in milk.