What is characteristic of women's suits in 2017

The onset of 2017 marked the emergence of new designs in clothing.

Besides dresses attention to fashion specialists this season and is aimed at women's suits. Other famous designers all over the world presented to experts and fans of many collections devoted to the subject of clothes.

He appeared a few centuries ago and now has never been on the podium. Consider that now in the trend and how to conquer others.


What is characteristic of women's suits in 2017

Among the most popular professional trends distinguished:

  1. Kostyum- "top three." The blouse and vest in combination with a skirt to the knee or narrowed trousers accentuate the severity and elegance owner. Typically, these "kits" in demand among business lady. Moreover, the collar of the jacket has an unusual design, similar to the cardigan.
  2. Sports kits. Women, preferring this style, please dense, not shrinkable materials. Togetherness trousers with stripes the side and the top will create a different image of the original.
  3. The bright objects. Along with the classic designers are advised to put on things bright colors. The trend extended palette: shades of blue, red, ultramarine and turquoise, as well as a variety of deviations from the white. Prints and patterns too have found their niche in this season. Of particular note Hawaiian styles, different school background and the like leaves and feathers. Bars do not recede into the background. On the contrary, they are used in combination with other patterns. And the more original such interaction, the more attractive it becomes a suit. Yet many collections presented along with a fine pattern in the form of geometric shapes, etc.

Given the recent trends may easily become a fashion queen, emphasize their dignity and become self-confident.