Tips on how to choose a mink coat

Coats have always been a symbol of wealth and elegance. Today there are many different styles and fashions in vogue skin coat made from different kinds of fur.

There was a time when only people with high social and financial status could afford to opt for a mink coat. Now, due to the increase in low-cost products, many people can enjoy the luxury and beauty of this beautiful fur.

A variety of colors and styles of fur coats made of mink mink coats attractive to almost any age and status. It was and remains a timeless classic for all times. There is nothing more beautiful and more luxurious than a mink coat from the highest quality.

But the price of fur is growing every year, which is why to choose a fur coat from a mink become more complex: many counterfeit and shoddy products to the mink coats.

If you are interested in the question of how to choose a mink coat, in this article we describe in detail about the subtleties and nuances of the correct choice. Please carefully read this article, our tips will be useful to you if you want to choose a really quality mink fur coat - it will need to thoroughly check on many parameters.

When buying a fur coat, there are a few tips to keep in mind in order to choose a coat that meets as your budget and the issue of functionality and style. To save and not to overpay salons, you can choose a good coat on the gardeners. But all the same, follow these tips presented in this article.

Fur or how to choose a fur coat from a mink

Tips on how to choose a mink coat

Perform hand over his fur, he must necessarily be soft, gentle and silky, gently run your hand against the direction of hair growth, fur should not shoot up or stay on your palm.

Now consider the fur closer - it should consist of two parts - the long guard hairs and even layer of short undercoat. It is very important that the guard hairs the same length and it does not stick together and not fall down. It is more difficult to determine the quality shorn coats, but the main settings remain the same.

Look under the lining, or how to choose a good mink coat

High-quality fur, this is only half the battle, it is important and how sewn selected product. Now let's see what's on the inside of coats. The lining must be neatly sewn, but it is not until the end - you should be able to look at the skin of which was sewn coat inside out.

On a good mink coat will never be a dull lining. Usually on the expensive and high-quality products made of mink and not only stitched bottom edge.

Notice how the skins are collected, they must be precisely stitched, and in any case not glued! Look carefully, you did not get there in seam guard hairs or podpushek besides skins must be the same size and length, and arranged in parallel.

If any of the conditions is not met, the product is not carried by a long, even if it was made of expensive fur.

How to choose a mink coat looking into the lining?

Tips on how to choose a mink coat

Once again, note the skin, they should be light milky yellow skins mean that the animal was old, and the fur will come out quickly. In addition, they should not be large.

Stretched skin and seen from the inside and the outside cover - fur loose and as if crumbles.

Where are you, my dream or how to choose high-quality mink coat

Find out who the manufacturer, where the mink coat was sewn. This information, I will notice authentic, you must provide the seller, his way obliges it to make our legislation.

Lowest price and quality coats of mink and other products come to us from China. North American and European fur, of course, better quality, but also more expensive!

Although high-quality coats will be warmer and you sneaked it much longer. on designer coats prices will be more expensive, regardless of where they were produced, are you mostly pay for the brand, and fashion trends.

Learning from the labels

Minks bred in Russia and in America and in the Nordic countries and in Canada, then the skins are sold at auctions, while on the skin necessarily issued certificates.

If you still doubt the ability to choose a coat, take a friend, a best friend furrier (if available in your environment) in order to assess the quality of the selected fur, as well as value for money. You will be much more painful to hear from people that you paid more than I should have after the purchase of expensive things.

We hope that you do not need this advice, but still ..

How to distinguish the cropped mink coat of fur from rabbit?

The possibilities of modern technologies for processing of fur hit. And fur rabbit and mink fur skin coat is very popular in fashion, well, when you honestly say, this is the coat of the rabbit - it is cheaper, and it is the coat of mink - it is more expensive, worse when inexpensive rabbit passes for an expensive mink.

And for the inexperienced buyer it can be a true headache. But you are lucky and you're reading this article, and then to finish it, you will find no problems, how to distinguish one from another fur. Firstly, you should pat hand fur, mink quality is smooth and velvety to the touch, unlike the rabbit, which will be more rough and a little rougher.

Second, the color, the mink will always stand out from the rabbit deep, rich and slightly iridescent in the light fur, rabbit, on the contrary, more quiet in color, not shiny and is not playing in the light. Third, look at the fur length, remember mink consists of two types of guard and volosa- podpushnogo, and so, even in sheared mink you should clearly see the guard hairs.