Pick up the wedding dress the bride and groom

How to make the wedding a happy and memorable? How not to spoil the impression and not to overdo it with the preparations? Half the story - well-chosen outfit. And for Him and for Her. The question is, how do you determine the preferences, we will cover in this article.

For the bride

Asking for advice when choosing a wedding dress, remember that the answer lies within you. Trends, tips and constructive criticism of image makers relatives - only guidelines. In fact, the choice depends on you.

Delicate and simple images as a symbol of purity and innocence out of fashion ever. Valais princess bride and groom ballerina with traditional long dresses, lace and an abundance of fluffy skirts will always be in demand. Stratification is not always complicated. Air layers of light tulle skirts, contrary to popular opinion, and just look cute.

Among the vintage bride surveys are increasingly turning to the era of 20-ies of the last century. Inspired by the aesthetics of books by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, the girls prefer the deep cuts on their backs, fringe yarns and hand-embroidery with crystals and beads.

It looks at the same time elegant, fresh and modestly. If you suddenly want to show off vintage dresses her grandmother, then you straight in the studio on repair of wedding dresses.

Pick up the wedding dress the bride and groom

Attention to detail

Filigree is now valuable and wedding industry pioneers such as Vera Wang and Anna Campbell makes this bet. And even if you are not willing to pay for a designer outfit large sum, equal worth it to them.

Cultured pearls, Swarovski crystals, gold thread of all this is the best set off the beauty of the bride and create a worthy setting for her.

Do not be afraid to get lost, fall or stumble! Yes, from the first defile not go easily. You may need a couple of training lessons. However, according to an ancient tradition - the longer the crinoline wedding dress, the longer the life of the family. So - Down with the divorce! Moreover, the cut of these designer clothes suited to the savvy. Hem can be removable or can be provided with blind buttons.

An unconventional approach

Pick up the wedding dress the bride and groom

Cream, pale peach and ivory regularly flashed in wedding collections and interiors. Depending on tsvetotipa a particular shade will favorably "highlight" the skin and make a wedding image brittle and shiny.

No less popular today and forgotten once midi.

In the 50's our grandmother loved models like wedding dress Elizabeth Taylor. Supplemented by short gloves, they have replaced the dresses of the Silver Age.

Their fans often become active and mobile brides that hard to sit still.

For the groom

Men, of course, less whimsical creatures. It is a fact. But they want to comply with their second halves. As in any men's fashion is difficult to reinvent the wheel.

Therefore, a start in choosing the groom wedding suit have most of the colors and shades. Croy reserve classic default.

A timeless classic

Wedding tuxedo white color choice is not for humble people. Since the right to wear white is given the bride from the groom of such a choice are not waiting. This is often perceived as a challenge. No wonder. After all, white - the color of the Royal and only a very bright person feel comfortable in it.

Pick up the wedding dress the bride and groom

It is said that the black groom's suit symbolizes the marriage of love and according to the signs, only the color will save your future together.

It is therefore particularly superstitious and conservative personalities it is necessary to taste. And then - you can always beat the suit contrasting details. What? Discreet and dignified.

"Blue Bloods"

In heraldry, blue is synonymous with fidelity, chastity and good reputation. Therefore, the groom in this suit looks very eloquently. In addition, the deep blue color can be a good alternative to the "polar" colors. Light blonde shades and entered in the men's wardrobe. According to etiquette in the higher circles of the secular wear for summer dinners and suppers, passing under the open sky. That means they will definitely be appropriate in the summer or spring wedding. And beautiful, and not too hot.


Pick up the wedding dress the bride and groom

groom suit starts with the shirt. So it is important to find the ideal seating and high-quality copy. Whatever costume you choose the color, the shirt will always be pure white.

This - the rule rather than an empty formalism. Small unobtrusive figure can be assumed only at the celebration with a very relaxed dress code.

Bride decorate simple, one veil is already a serious part of the image. But the groom has something to boast about. First, tie.

Secondly, no one has repealed breast handkerchiefs and boutonnieres. They can greatly dilute the overall impression. Well, the first-class dandies can propose to change the tie on luxury butterfly or cravat.

Our guide to wedding dresses sure to come in handy in the important matter of choice. And rest assured, your wedding date will go down in the calendar of wonderful memories.