How to choose a wedding dress?

Model wedding dress - this is what makes your dress! Therefore, there must be very careful in his choice, and how to do it, tell our today's article!

Style Empire - reminiscent of a Greek toga, Draped down dress with a high waist under the breast. This dress is suitable low girls. In addition, if you are going to become a mother, this dress perfectly hide your tummy and will not harm the baby, because there's no corset.

A-line dress - a corset and gradually expanding flared skirt. Such dress is suitable for almost any figure. It is best to wear with heels moderate length and a long veil.

This dress is perfect to sew satin. You can buy white satin fabric in the online store and make your own dress out of it or order its production in the studio. It will cost you much cheaper ready-made clothes and sit it will be just perfect for you!

How to choose a wedding dress?

Ball Gown - a dress with a very full skirt. This dress is better not to choose low girls and full-bodied as well as pregnant women. Until a few years ago, these dresses were on the top of fashion. Today skirts new development and amaze its forms.

Mermaid Dress year or - a narrow dress with a skirt that extends to the bottom of the knee. To the knee, it is completely fitting shape.

This dress must be worn skaters girls with full breasts and narrow waist, as all the dignity of the figure will be highlighted perfectly. Again it must be remembered about the growth. Low to the ladies that dress suit with shoes on the platform.


Traditionally, the bride's dress should be white. Of course, there are extravagant wedding in red and blue dresses, but white - a classic. White has many gradations, from snow white to champagne. Clearly allocated three colors: white, ivory, champagne. There should only be measured.

How to choose a wedding dress?

Sometimes the classic white color is simply not suited to the skin, the color of the face. There may come to the aid of ivory-colored dress, or ivory. This is a warm and soft, matte color.

Champagne - a cream-colored dress, perfectly complemented by gold jewelery. However, note that with the dresses of the last two colors may be difficult in terms of the selection of shoes and accessories.

Bright white shoes, gloves or even the decorations in the hair will make your dress as if "dirty". If you choose a dress the color ivory or champagne, everything else, including even the groom's shirt must be of the color, and in any case not white.


Many women are afraid to buy a dress strapless, thinking that the dress will crawl. Correctly chosen style, tightened the corset, and a well-fitting dress will sit on you, as forged. To hem dress well, do it for a few weeks before the wedding, then on the day of X no problem.

How to choose a wedding dress?