What to choose clothes for the autumn-winter 2017?

With the onset of inclement weather, rain, wind, more and more often to the girls comes this idea that a wardrobe full of clothes, and put on just simply nothing, everything is old and boring, and wants a new and beautiful.

Old coats, jackets, coats, - it's so boring. It's time to update your wardrobe.

It should be noted also that trends in fashion to our weather, savage and ruthless, has no bearing on, with ever.

Therefore, it happens that by the standards of design, autumn - a light jacket and a blouse, light jacket and wraps, but it is deleted automatically by our girls, because with our weather, wear it - it is impossible.

Jackets, leather jackets and bomber

Trendy jackets, sports and motorcycle type - the second season did not go from the top of Mount Olympus, and to provide a modern girl without it is impossible.

Short jackets, slim type, with large patterns or parts, or completely simple, monotonous can be found in the catalog Gloria Jeans.

Just for fashionistas become popular to wear jackets blown type, and they resemble the great and funny quilted jackets. It looks very stylish girl in the inflated jacket, belting and its straps, or should be worn completely shapeless jackets model, with a large hood and lots of fur.

What to choose clothes for the autumn-winter 2017?

Well, if you are not attracted to neither the one nor the other model, the designers have taken care of these ladies. They laid up something that will impress even the most creative mind. Brenda Mojito appeared his short coats that are fully emphasize the shape, individuality and modernity.

The coat - the perfect companion ladies

Let's talk about how to choose a coat that would be after a while it did not disappoint you, not the village and not contracted, as well as not sold out at the seams a day socks.

If we talk about styles, the most popular among the Russian fashionistas, it is, of course, tweed and wool coat.

What to choose clothes for the autumn-winter 2017?

But if the winter will not cold, then wool denim completely replace the material. They usually always have a beautiful and luxurious fur collars, which will not leave indifferent any fashionista.

As for the men, for many years in a row, at the peak of popularity of a leather coat. In addition, this year's fashion coat of camel's hair, as well as they look, and are extremely good.

They are convenient, though it is easy to clean and store.

If we talk about the coat oversayz, it has a season that goes out of fashion, but today also welcomed the rigor and cut the figure.

What to choose clothes for the autumn-winter 2017?

What should we look for when purchasing autumn and winter coat?

Buy necessary clothing before the season starts cold spells that would be armed in full. In addition to all, usually in the autumn of current sales, and the savings - a useful thing.

Never go against yourself. If fashion does not allow you to choose one or the other outfit, forget about it, because the main thing - is to take what suits you in color, cut and shape. Just take the next thing only, which fits on a figure, not hoping that you will lose weight in a month. Do not forget that it is necessary to choose the meryaya since, focusing only on the size, you can make a mistake, each manufacturer can be different sizes.

What to choose clothes for the autumn-winter 2017?


How to care for the coat?

To care for a winter coat is very easy. You can simply refer to the dry cleaners, where you are guaranteed a quality coat will clean. Take care of yourself for it is not recommended, unless, you have to do is to keep the coat in special bags.

Fashionable color palette of autumn-winter 2017-2018

The most fashionable color of the season, it is undoubtedly, brown, black and gray, as well as all shades of these colors.