How to choose a coat of sable?

Sable is one of the most expensive types of fur on the market. It belongs to the weasel family, and has a direct relationship with another member of the family - marten.

The most expensive auction of Russian sable, less expensive sable come up for auction from Canada. Luxury fur from light gold color to dark walnut is the dream of many women, coat of sable is quite expensive and is an indicator of the welfare of its owner.

There are several ways to find out if your coat is made from this sable.

A few tips on how to choose a coat of sable:

Try the fur coat, fur feel the weight. Russian and Canadian sable lighter than other types of fur, including mink, fox and rabbit. Look at the color of the fur.

Best Russian sable dark brown hue, there is also a golden sable, which is exposed to light can cast a reddish-brown highlights. Brown marten fur belongs. And I advise you to buy a fur coat in the audited areas, such as site.

There is no gold, nut, copper shades from marten fur, only brown. Feel the texture of sable fur. Skins dense and at the same time soft to the touch.

Very often, the marten fur are trying to pass off as sable, and is in addition to the colors there are some nuances. At the touch of a marten tougher than sable, because it has a rougher nap, and even its fur does not look as luxurious and expensive as the precious sable fur.

How to choose a coat of sable?

Look at the prices. Sable fur coat at the moment is one of the most valuable and expensive. If you are offered a fur coat at a price below the market carefully, not the sable fur, which will be cheap - the demand for it is always there.

The last question, but it is no less important that what style coats to choose, it would seem a matter of taste, but it is not: more suitable for high fashion style with sleeves 3/4, or to the wrist by long gloves, and the sleeve can be both narrowed and flared, and will look well-fitting options at the waist with a hood or English collar.

Owners of magnificent forms recommend paying attention to the coat-trapeze coat poncho. In any case, try to try on several different styles, look in the mirror, do you like how to sit on your coat? A color?

Wear a belt is better with him or without him, try variations, combine, consider whether it will suit to your wardrobe. Everything came together? Then congratulations, you are now left to learn how to properly take care of it.