Choosing a perfume by Nina Ricci

Perfumes from Nina Ricci has none decade the recognition of connoisseurs around the world, and there are among the brand fragrances and those that went down in history as the most elegant and beloved even critics. Today we talk about them.

Nina Ricci - a brand of elegance, wealth, feminine and excellent taste. Scents perfume Nina Ricci, for many years they give pleasure to owners and all others.

Allow me to introduce you to the variety, a kind of art of the leader of perfumes.

Perfume Nina Ricci "L'Air Du Temps" - symbol of Time

This is a true masterpiece of perfume, created back in 1949 and holding the bar for the highest leader of sales throughout the world, who bring to the House "Nina Ricci" deserved long-term profits. The aroma is comparable only with the splendid examples of the best niche perfume.

Choosing a perfume by Nina Ricci

The name reflects the spirits of the deep essence of a sample of this product, that is relevant at any time and goes beyond any current timeframe. Floral-spicy bouquet created by perfumer F. Fabrenom - harmonious, refined and feminine.

Here consistently and subtle shades blend of gardenia and jasmine scented, changing chords beautiful roses and wild carnations terminated enveloping notes of oriental musk, sandalwood and fall chrysanthemums.

Perfume Nina Ricci

"Nina Ricci - Nina L'Elixir" - Elixir of Love

Perfume Nina Ricci has its own "Elixir of Love". This perfume, created in 2010 O. Crespo, captivate the fresh scent of spring of youth and fairy-tale world of fantastic dreams.

Choosing a perfume by Nina Ricci

They created a bunch of solo ensemble of green lemon, lime and cranberry, caramel successive jasmine, cedar and pine apple and ending notes of amber and precious musk.

Perfume Nina Ricci

"Nina Ricci - Nina Edition Prestige" - the best gift

Elegant bottle, echoing the shape of a red apple, indeed, resembles herringbone fabulous toy loved by millions of holiday.

The freshness of the winter beautifully transferred to a combination of juicy lemon lime chord drowning in harmony shades of peony, apple and flower moon and ends with notes of white musk and cedar.