Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2017-2018

Not far off the cool weather of autumn 2017 and then the cold winter, and the summer is something remarkable not hot, so you can now think about what we obuem their legs.

Although fashion shoes changed so dramatically, both at the clothes, it's worth a closer look at the major trends and a note of the most successful options for transition and winter shoes.


Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2017-2018

The model of women's shoes there for decades, but it's a bit changed and changed its name. Shortened boots with a heel - a hit of autumn 2017. Feel free to choose the model ankle boots made of suede, leather and nubuck, the Council of Fashion brand Riker. Heel preferably stable, thick. Finish - is minimal, because for such shoes is much easier to pick up the outfit.

Women's shoes

Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2017-2018

Not less popular are and women's shoes, you can choose to have the brand Lira. They may be laced, and without it. The main feature of fashionable women's shoes 2017-2018 year will be the highest tractor soles that will not allow your legs to get wet in rainy autumn weather. Ideally combined with millitari style.

The color palette is varied. You can choose shoes classic black or a vivid model to stand out from the crowd.


Fashion boots 2017-2018 - a wide top, not tight to the leg thick and stable heel, patent leather and rigor. Decorating is not appropriate and minimal, only applies to a functional purpose, rather than as tinsel.


Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2017-2018

Oh, yes, they are again at the peak of popularity!

It is believed that the first ugg boots (from the English word ugly - "terrible") came from the farmers and ranchers of Australia and New Zealand over a century ago and have become very popular because of their ruggedness, warmth and versatility. Later, boots like ugg boots, began to carry pilots and submariners, who had to serve in harsh weather conditions.

In the days of the hippies in the US California coast surfers often buy ugg boots to warm quickly soaked feet after a sea of ​​fun. Real mass ugg received only with the advent of the new millennium, becoming one of the main emphases in the way many Hollywood film stars and singers.

Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2017-2018

It is difficult to count the number of different colors and types of ugg boots today, especially in the Rendez WIPO. The models differ from each other brim boot, the height of the shaft, the top and base materials. Classic ugg boots are made with natural wool sheep, and their frost resistance is comparable to the Russian felt boots.

Are ugg boots with leather and knitted tops, a thin and rather high-soled shoes. The main thing is that in these uggah female legs never get tired, do not freeze and sweat. Extremely comfortable, beautiful and popular shoes!