Water diet - healthy and safe

Get rid of the extra kilos, to cleanse the body of toxins and improve the appearance, you can use the simple drinking water. This - is a proven fact.

On the pages of the Internet offers a lot of variants of such a diet is important to choose one that will help to solve exactly your problem.

Water diet - simple, safe, economical

Diet, the foundation of which is often the water, helps to cope not only with being overweight. Natural resource, as used in sufficient amounts, a beneficial effect on the condition of nails, skin, hair, teeth. If you drink the optimum amount of liquid (juice, tea and coffee - does not count), you will get rid of migraines and joint pain.

Thereby achieving a reduction in weight? Even if you practice proper diet, the body builds up a huge number of all kinds of waste and toxins, often they are the cause of extra kilos.

This is the conclusion nutritionists. That drinking water and helps flush them, making the figure more slender and toned.

Water diet - healthy and safe

How to determine whether you need such a diet? "Mirror" of your body - the skin. If you are very easy to assemble fold in the place where there is absolutely no wrinkles, the body is already experiencing a shortage of water. When the dermis generally become soft and lose elasticity - it is almost completely dehydrated, so measures must be taken urgently.

How to properly drink water

To achieve maximum benefit from such a diet, the water should be consumed by the regime and in the specified amounts.

The first glass (200-250 ml) is necessary to drink immediately after awakening. Therefore, put the container directly beside the bed in advance. The second portion (250-300 ml) is used before the first meal.

This will help to strengthen the digestive system and intestines. Do not forget that the fluid should be at room temperature. Needless cold water slows the metabolism, hot - adversely affects the intestines and damage the tooth enamel.

If you decide to resort to such a diet, it is usually a half to two liters of water will be enough. So try to use it during the day every hour both before and after a meal (20-25 minutes).

The average daily amount of natural resources that can be used to remove toxins and restore skin elasticity - about three liters. But the water must be clean (drinking). After a week of such a diet, you will notice positive results.