Tips on how to choose a man shirt, trousers and shoes

Well-tailored and perfectly sitting on a figure shirt occupied and will occupy the main stage in style hierarchy of any man, even now at the time of everyday clothes and headship casuala, namely shirt impression of elegance, style and success.

The basic principle of high-quality products - the right cut, ideally suited to your figure. Choose a good shirt, ability to highlight your personality, you can exclusively in a decent shop, where konsultanty- professionals will help you make the right choice.

It should first of all pay attention to the color palette than the solemn and formal event you plan to attend, the stricter and more active should be the color of the shirt and inconspicuous figure.

Stylists recommend every day to choose a shirt of blue, gray, beige and shades, as the term "life" of such instances more. The most versatile and practical, are considered to be rich blue and strict dark gray color, besides they are slim. Often, men's wear large size made it in a muted color scheme.


The choice of shirt you need to start with the fitting. Particular attention in this regard should be paid to the landing on the shoulders and back. Remember that the shirt should not interfere with movements, hold down or badly hung. Shoulder area and the collar should fit snugly to the neck, but do not squeeze it.

Tips on how to choose a man shirt, trousers and shoes

If the shirt fits you on the shoulder, but with efforts fastened to the bottom button, you will not be able to solve the problem by selecting a larger shirt. It is advisable to take the time to experiment with models of different cut, choose the right Rostovka and completeness, and even better turn for practical advice to professionals, such as consultants to the store.

In the "pectoral girdle" good shirt should sit like a glove, and you should not at the same time feel themselves either compressed or too relaxed.


Nowadays young people who prefer the classics, are turning to professionals for precise tailoring of the individual more often than ever before. But conservatives are still considered the standard style white men's shirts.

Tips on how to choose a man shirt, trousers and shoes

Modern designers and clothing designers create a more form-fitting fashions, including shirts, creating a beautiful silhouette.


Make sure the sleeve length shirt you just right. Also keep in mind that the cuff shirt, with matching her color and style cufflinks, should not be too conspicuous. When choosing a jacket for a shirt, make sure the sleeve length short sleeve shirt and a half centimeters.


Tips on how to choose a man shirt, trousers and shoes

Dear shirt should be a noticeable unusual and interesting, it is desirable not in the classic eye-catching colors. As mentioned earlier, a good shirt should ideally sit in the neck.

How to choose men's trousers?

Trousers, made in classic style should be slightly tapered from top to bottom, in the tradition of their width should be twenty-two centimeters. Do not forget tucks, allowing the pants interesting flow and emphasize the shape. In everyday office suits, even trousers in classic style, may be present traditional cuff height of three and a half centimeters. When choosing the length of trousers it is necessary to pay attention not only to its growth and shape, but also on the shoes with which you plan to wear this suit.

Tips on how to choose a man shirt, trousers and shoes

Therefore, undesirable to choose pants with pre-treated edge, it must be treated in the store after the last fitting to pants suits you. Classic pants hem is not straight, but slightly diagonally to the side where the heel edge should be longer by one or two centimeters.

What should be the ideal men's shoes?

Quality shoes - one of the most important indicators of your style and status. Therefore important that your shoes were comfortable, benign and combined with your appearance.

Tips on how to choose a man shirt, trousers and shoes


And finally, to distinguish high-quality items, from simple stuff simpler can only intuitively, even the most expensive suit will not look perfect, if you are in it uncomfortable.

The best way out of this situation - to sew custom-made suit, because only such a suit will fully reflect your personality.

And perhaps it will come out more expensive than buying a ready-made suit, but the money will be paid back the attention of others, successful agreements and contracts and own sense of perfection.