Face mask of egg white

Today we will talk about how to bring your skin in order with the help of simple recipes for the face mask of egg whites and other ingredients.

The most important sign of the beauty of the modern woman is the appearance and condition of her skin, in particular - the skin.

Face ladies we can judge her age, current and past illnesses, as well as see the fatigue, or other symptoms. If the skin looks quite healthy women, we are talking about youth, freshness and its beauty.

One of the ways to care can become a mask of protein for the face.

It is effective due to the content in the egg white of useful components:

1. Protein. He is able to rejuvenate and tighten the skin, giving a lifting effect.

2. B vitamins nourish the skin.

3. Ovalbumin. Fighting off viruses and disinfects microcracks.

4. Lysozyme. Increases tone. Unclogs pores, it has the property of a natural exfoliation.

Face mask of egg white

The protein may be dried and lighten the skin, attenuate inflammatory processes, prevents acne.

He just needs to deal with black spots, as has the property to narrow pores. Also mask the protein to a person can fight skin pigmentation. consider the need for a mask for owners of various types of skin:

1. Oily skin. Use a couple of times a week.

2. Combination skin. We practice once a week. Thus applied only to the T-zone.

3. The skin with freckles. Practicing four - five times a month.

4. For aging skin. With deep wrinkles - use twice a week, with small - one.

5. Problem skin, prone to rashes. Use two or three times a week.

so it is not recommended to use a mask when the skin is prone to dryness.

Recipes masks from egg white with different ingredients

Mono mask of egg white

We will need: one egg, a cotton swab.

Preparation: Beat egg protein necessary to the formation of foam.

Application: Apply the mask with a cotton swab, leave for ten minutes. After complete drying of the washed off with tepid water.

The protein mask with fruit

We need:

one egg, one hour. l. lemon juice (or one item. l. of fresh cherry juice or grape juice, red currant). Preparation: whisk the egg white until foaming, add fruit juice to choose from.

Application: Apply the mask with a cotton swab, leave for ten to fifteen minutes. After drying wash off with lukewarm water.

Such a mask will remove the shine, gives a clarifying effect.

Mask dough of protein

We will need: one egg, flour (wheat, rice, etc. - to choose from..).

Preparation: egg albumen must beat to foam, then pour a quantity of flour to form a dough, like toothpaste.

Application: Apply the mask, leave on for fifteen minutes.

This mask cleans oily and problematic skin.

There are many recipes for masks of the protein, we have considered only the most common. Take care of yourself and be happy!