What to do if exfoliate nails on the hands - useful tips

In our today's article, we will discuss with you one of the most vexing problems affecting the beauty of the female handles - is peeling nails.

We will share with you tips on nail care and tell you about some of the causes that may lead to a deterioration of their condition, as well as recipes for home masks for hands.

To nail the person was healthy and shiny, have a natural shine, it is very important to monitor the presence of protein in the body called keratin, as well as the presence of such beauty vitamins such as A, E, D. The

The causes affecting the condition of nails

Factors affecting the condition of nails, their dryness and cracks - it is a strong lack of such essential trace element involved in the formation of the nail plate as phosphorus iron and calcium, of course.

Also, one of the causes of peeling and cracking nails is wrong malnutrition, mono diets, lack of exercise, some endocrine disorders and liver disease, stress and hormonal changes in the body.

What to do if exfoliate nails on the hands - useful tips

What will make our nails strong and healthy shiny beautiful? In order to tackle the beauty of nails at home, using proven methods of care, such as masks or wraps for hands. And you can try to set SweetNails shop for nail care.

A few recipes of masks and firming mineral baths polish

Lemon - a valuable product in order to maintain the beauty of our hands, as well as strengthening the nail plate. Grate the lemon peel your nails, this procedure quickly strengthen the nail plate, allow to whiten your pen and hold it only need one or two times a week.

What to do if exfoliate nails on the hands - useful tips

It is also very important and useful for strengthening handles trays with baking soda and iodine. Just add a few drops of iodine and one tablespoon of baking soda without slides on one glass of water a little warmer than room temperature, the lower the tray into the hands of about 10-15 minutes.

Through this procedure a few times a week, you will strengthen your nails, make them look a lot better.

Another excellent tool that can help make your nails beautiful, is beeswax and olive oil, which must be connected to a water bath and dip your hands in the tub. These procedures will help your nails become stronger, cease to exfoliate and become more brilliant and will be pleasing to the eye.

Care in the complex

Of course, some masks and compresses not manage to nail care.

It is important to comply with diet, eat fully, use vitamins and minerals, to drink more clean water to avoid dehydration, do not abuse the growth of nails, which weakens them, as well as the use of protective equipment and use paints that help strengthen nails.