How to choose the right cosmetics and care products?

Every girl is crazy about makeup, sometimes we are ready to buy anything that will get us in the eye.

Therefore, the question of the choice of cosmetics should be approached very responsibly and competently. Here are some tips on how to choose and how you can save on color cosmetics.

It is necessary to remember that from the modern cosmetics, even from the smallest dose has to be a significant effect. And it does not necessarily immediately use the "good" half package of shower gel, perfume jar or tube of shampoo or cream.

You will have enough drops of shampoo or a loved quite a bit of shower gel to economize their wonderful liquid. The same thing I want to say and decorative cosmetics - mascara, lipstick, shadows and blush. It is important not to overdo it. It is best mascara buy online store, because there is not only a great selection and best prices.

How to choose the right cosmetics and care products?

Buy products for face care products can not be unaware of their skin type. In this issue you will help cosmetologist. But you can very easily do it at home. After washing, apply only a few seconds to the face cloth. If after this time there were pronounced fatty traces, we can conclude - your skin is oily.

Normal skin is practically not leave any trace. And if a cloth has been no visible change, it means that you have dry skin. Of course, this home test is very conditional evaluates your skin type and for more accurate results you should see a specialist.

How to choose the right cosmetics and care products?

Remember that for every skin type has its own care products, so before you follow the tips on how to save on cosmetics, you need to know exactly what your skin type. For example, to cleanse oily skin gel fit anymore.

Very easy to use cleaning agents to the dispenser that helps to regulate the amount and an excessive amount of a particular means of harming the skin.

I would also like to note the lotion to remove makeup. Very economical option cleanser, because just enough drops of lotion on cotton pads and your skin is cleaned easily.

How to choose a powder

How to choose the right cosmetics and care products?

The main objectives of the powder is to absorb the fat and making the skin of the face and neck matt and velvety. It is ideal for normal and oily skin, eliminating its disadvantages.

As for the dry skin, the powder is able to retain moisture it even stronger. Therefore the question of how to choose the right powder is very relevant.

Loose or so-called powder powder imparts a gentle tone of the face and gently matts it.

Compact powder is the most convenient form. It's easy to use on the road and it will be indispensable for those who have oily skin on your face.

Ball powder. In it, special balls are mixed on the brush and spread a light layer on the face. It is capable of smoothly and without any traces of smooth complexion, skin add a nice natural shade, and with it the pores become less noticeable.