What colors are combined in a brown dress

Many of our contemporaries, despite the fact that fashion has given the "green light" the brightest and unusual shades prefer still "conservative" colors that were popular for many years.

These include brown. After all this, if I may say so, an outdated color that has been popular for more than half a century. Nevertheless, and his followers are today.

These are people who for the most part believe this color rich and luxurious. It's hard not to agree with them, because, if it herself Queen of England prefers to similar color in clothes, what can we can talk about ordinary mortals ?!

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What colors are combined in a brown dress

Brown clothing

So brown itself is extremely saturated. And so it must be diluted with other colors and shades, so it was perceived the most interesting.

Many of our compatriots are not used at all to combine any color, not to mention the fact that at the professional level to try to pick up an interesting combination.

Agree, today there is a huge number of professionals who can really help to all those who have decided to start dressing in clothing brown, but it wants the specified color has been diluted with some other hues.

What colors are combined in a brown dress

However, some combinations can come on their own. It is not necessary to pass the path of trial and error. Suffice it to take a critical look at the original color. Thus, the combination of colors in clothes, brown when it is not the last, needs to be well thought out.

Sam Brown, if no other shade is not diluted, it looks quite dull and dreary. Still, chocolate color - a kind of funereal color that necessarily should be mixed with some other color.

What to combine colors in clothes with brown?

What colors, especially come to mind? Of course, the most versatile color - is white. But with him, and let's begin. Agree, white in this case would be appropriate. Moreover, it is one of the most successful combinations.

Such colors perfectly accentuate the figure, able to convey a gentle skin tone and will look really rich and luxurious. That is, in this case we really have guessed from the combination. It is entirely appropriate.

The combination of brown with yellow clothes

In addition, brown, blending with yellow. Agree, it's still a related color scheme so this combination to surprise someone hard enough. However, you can pretty well dressed, if you use both colors.

What colors are combined in a brown dress

In this case, it is important that some shade prevailed over the other in quantitative terms. That is possible, for example, wear a brown jacket with a small yellow accents. If brown and yellow will be roughly equal, this combination will only ruffle. Get too spotty and absurd. Even if the will to prevail yellow and brown are small inserts, and that such a combination would be more appropriate.

The combination of beige and brown clothing

Among other things, brown perfectly with the beige. It is also related colors that can create a perfect image. The rules are applied are the same as the previous combination.

What colors are combined in a brown dress

Red and brown it possible to combine?

With regard to some outstanding color mixing and interesting solutions you can try to connect the brown and red. Still, the above combination is recommended by professionals.

In general, if we talk about the combination of colors in clothes, brown the most successful. That is, it is neutral enough to be ideally suited to some other shades.

What colors are combined in a brown dress


Experts arguing about the combination of colors in clothes, Brown tied for first place in popularity. Thus, this color can be perfectly combined with many other colors in the palette.

This is not to overdo it when, as happens really unbearable mixture of colors, which will be difficult to watch.