C than wearing a denim dress. 4 stylish image

C than wearing a denim dress. 4 stylish image

If deep down you still prefer jeans feminine dresses, but seek to fix it, then for you there is a universal compromise and a great way to combine these two areas together, it is - denim dress.

This version has all the amenities of your favorite pair of blue jeans and is also a more feminine and more relevant option for warm weather. I present to you four stylish image, which can be created using denim dress this summer:

First image: Contemporary Classic

This includes: denim short dress from the brand Forever 21 oxfords, striped sumka- bag by Forever 21, Nordstrom watches and bracelets, nail polish Essie.

C than wearing a denim dress. 4 stylish image

Denim Dress classical context back into fashion, is reborn this season. Excellent combined with a pair of suede shoes Oxford, in the men's simple style, striped bag-bag, which will fit everything you need to each girl, create an image of a modern classic, and bright blue nail polish adds to the image of boldness. If you like this style, and you want to see more options, you should see the denim dress photo.

Second image: Sweet & Girly

Dress made of denim from ModCloth, ballerina Zara, bag, purse from ASOS, lipstick-Neiman Marcus, earrings-Kate Spade

C than wearing a denim dress. 4 stylish image

The sports and playful at the same time a dress that looks perfect with a pair of pretty blue ballet, created with the image of a charming and practical, and earrings in the shape of bows are a continuation of the type of super-feminine ensemble. For the final touch, add pale pink lipstick.

The third way: A little rebellion

Denim pinafore by Forever 21 boots of rough skin from Target, shoulder bag from DSW, sunglasses-Sarah Aghili, necklace - Mango.

C than wearing a denim dress. 4 stylish image

This denim sarafan straight silhouette is super trendy garment at the moment - it's perfect for any image, and combines with almost any clothing. You can wear it with a ribbon for the hair, which is tied to the very top, with universal striped shirt underneath or even a bathing suit. Perfectly complement the image of rough boots and a necklace of thorns.

Fourth image: Boho Glam

Denim blue dress in fine, barely visible dots on ASOS, a clutch of Charlotte Russe, earrings from Macy's, a ring from ASOS, shoes with wedge heels from PacSun.

C than wearing a denim dress. 4 stylish image

Denim bustier dress with polka dots, in the style of boho chic, perfectly combined with sandals wedges, giving even more feminine image. Accessories presented here further highlight of this image belongs to the style of Boho Glam.