How to choose a travel bag?

Summer vacation is in full swing. Every day is getting hotter, and thoughts fly away from the hot offices at the azure coast and golden beaches.

Everyone knows that the key to a good holiday is careful preparation. Where do you start?

Roomy travel bag - this is item number one in the process of preparation for travel. But remember that in addition to large bags of things, traveling always need a compact bag for documents, money. The ideal option would be branded brown clutch for men.

How to choose a travel bag?

In this article, we will tell you how not to make a mistake and make the right choice by purchasing a really high-quality reliable practical thing.

Transport Travel

How to choose a travel bag?

First of all, decide on what transport you on a trip. Do not forget that when traveling by plane, the dimensions of hand luggage must not exceed 55h40h20 cm and 10 kg (figures may vary depending on the airline).

If the size of a suitcase more than the allowed rate, then immerse it in the luggage compartment. Remember that in the luggage compartment to the bags are very casual, they are often torn from such transportation.

How to choose a travel bag?

For those who like to leave everything for later, there is one golden rule: buy your ideal travel bag can be and the last day, but doing this is not desirable. The thing is that according to Ukrainian legislation, the defective goods can be returned within 14 days from the date of purchase.

In addition, it often happens that your travel bag can simply not come to you in size, and the exchange is not always possible to carry out the day of delivery.

The suitcase on wheels

If you eat away and opted for a large suitcase on wheels, it will be available three options for such products often: height 21, 25 and 28 inches.

During family trips of three, your perfect overall 28-inch (72 cm) suitcase. The great advantage is, the presence of a steel handle and combination lock. Particular attention should be paid to mounting the wheels. The wheels on steel fixtures will last you a long time, and if they are plastic sleeves - such a thing is extremely unreliable.

Travel Bag

Road roomy bag - a great alternative to bulky suitcase heavy-handed. One of the key points when choosing a quality fastening handles travel bag.

How to choose a travel bag?

It handles should be made of a dense and wide strips of fabric, durable and securely sewn to the bag. A significant quality criterion is traveling bag resistance impregnating material. Such impregnation of the material determines the resistance to abrasion and eventual getting wet.


If your choice fell on a backpack, you should definitely try it, to assess the form and convenience to wear. Very convenient, if the backpack has several compartments and pockets.

How to choose a travel bag?

Always remember that you should not overload the bag: first, it will be difficult to wear, and secondly, it can lead to breakage and damage thing.