How to choose earrings for hair?

In today's article we will talk about how to choose the right earrings under the hair depending on hair length.

Which earrings suit a short cut?

Short haircuts for women only appeared at the beginning of the last century, and they have already become part of the lives of many fashionistas. What is better to choose earrings lady who wears a short cut? Whether to buy earrings with sapphires large size or is it better to limit small pusetami?

Butch exposes the ears, so the attention of all the people in this area increased. As an everyday option, you can buy jewelry with stones. For example, select the cloves of small size with stone insert, which can be a color, a color of clothing.

How to choose earrings for hair?

Very popular small pearls in the ears of women with short hair. This embodiment can be called classical. Young women whose skin is elastic and smooth jawline can afford, and large hanging earrings. They are ideal for cocktail dresses, as well as their appropriate dress when visiting a nightclub.

How to choose earrings long-haired ladies?

If a woman with short hair there is little restriction in the choice of earrings, the long-haired ladies for such problems do not exist. It is allowed virtually everything. Delicate or more relaxed option - it is only a question of relevance.

How to choose earrings for hair?

For the office can be put pusety or small earrings with a French or an English castle. For parties are perfect for long elegant earrings made of yellow gold with diamonds. Owners of short hair will be jealous of such a luxury. In the matter of the choice of earrings for long-haired ladies have only one small comment. Long hair is especially thin, often go awry, either alone or in conjunction with earrings. In this case it is better to give up hanging models, as well as those where the design has a lot of protrusions, or wear these models more accurately.

Which type of fastener is better?

Before you decide to buy the earrings, it would be nice to know what type of fasteners better. This seemingly small change is actually very important for the ladies. There are about 10 types of fasteners, but the most popular are just a few of them.

How to choose earrings for hair?

English lock is designed to hold the earring in a static position, it is quite durable.

Earrings with French lock look sophisticated and elegant. Not for nothing is the French ladies are considered as one of the most chic and stylish. Lock-loop is very similar to the French, with the only difference that loops behind the arc is not, so this type of fastener can not be considered reliable.

Pusety earrings or studs are the most simple structure that is possible. They reliably hold the earring in the ear, and thus it is possible to adjust the distance between the bow and the lobe.