Several People's Councils of hair care products

Today we look at a few folk methods and tips for hair care.

To make your hair as often as possible to please you their intensive growth, the head is not recommended to wash in the evening, it is better to do it in the morning or afternoon.

In addition, at least half an hour after this, they should be thoroughly dry procedures and wrap a dry towel.

Juice, decoction or infusion of nettle recommended to add water to rinse hair. Per liter of water enough about 0, 5, Art. facilities.

Several People's Councils of hair care products

About once a month is recommended to wash your hair with warm boiled water, without the use of shampoo, in this case, it is perfectly replace the egg yolk.

Mask for hair prior to application is recommended to warm up a bit.

If you do not be lazy and paid little attention to the hair, then they will surely reward you with long, lush and compelling curls!