Face care for young skin

Very often, young girls think that young skin some special care is required.

It is enough to wash and wash off makeup before going to bed - and enough. Well, if you forgot to remove makeup and slept heavily made - so nothing is normal.

In fact, skin problems can begin at a young age, and then, as with any other problems, it is better to prevent them than to fight, sometimes unsuccessfully.

There are five rules for any skin that must be followed, no matter how many years you may be.

This cleansing, hydration, nutrition, care, rehabilitation.

Let's look at these rules and relate them with the features of young skin.

Cleansing. The problem of youth - acne or simply acne. They arise for many reasons, lack of skin hygiene - one of them, if not the most important.

Face care for young skin

Make it a habit to wash in the morning in three steps - cleansing skin, refreshing tonic and then - cool water. If the skin does not tolerate washing with cold water - then wipe the face with a cotton pad soaked with lotion for washing at the end of the procedure. The second rule - food. Young skin also need food, as well as more than age. Do not forget that the skin nutrition - is not only a special nourishing creams, but also the right, a healthy lifestyle and a maximum of fruit, vegetables and essential vitamins in the diet.

After all, the skin needs to get everything you need out of the blood - and therefore, there must be enough oxygen and amino acids to build collagen, so necessary to our skin.

The third rule - moisturizing. Do you think that the skin dries only at the beach on a hot day? You are sadly mistaken! Air conditioning of offices and public transport is not the best way affects the condition of the skin.

Therefore, always, even if you are eighteen years of age, use moisturizers, do not forget to drink plenty of pure water, and take it with thermal water or fine spray to keep moisture, not only in the heat, but in winter, if you are, of course, do not work all the day outdoors.

Face care for young skin

The fourth rule - care. Here you need to first assess your skin type in order to understand what kind of care you need. For this you need to go to the beautician, for glossy magazines offered skin types - oily, mixed and dry very approximate. The skin may appear fat, but actually be dehydrated, which means that for the full care she needs a very different tool than just overly greasy.

Fifth - recovery. Yes, it is necessary for all - because the stress, lack of sleep, negative habits (smoking, drinking), poor environment is extremely negative impact on our skin. To restore the use of special drugs that contain active and at the same time safe for the skin material in an optimal quantity.

Keep these five rules in mind when you buy yourself beauty's Skin funds, and your skin will always be in perfect condition, and will not cause problems later in life.