How to strengthen your nails at home?

Strengthening and our nails beautiful and healthy kind - a task that is ever necessarily confronts the majority of women who take care of themselves and their appearance.

there are many factors today that are able to provide to our beauty is quite a negative impact, including on the beauty of nails. After exposure to bad environmental conditions, improper and irregular nutrition, stress and other things, our nails can become very brittle, not beautiful, thinned, may delaminate and be dull.

To return to the beauty of the nails and give them the desired shape, cosmetologists and nail professionals are recommended to always observe and regularly apply the following simple rules in practice.

How to strengthen your nails?

The main enemy of a strong and healthy nails - water combined with abrasive detergents.

How to strengthen your nails at home?

Therefore, experts recommend washing dishes and floors, and perform other chores associated with water, only with gloves.

Also, do not abuse the use of baths for the hands.

They contribute not only soften the skin but also the nail plate. As home use superabrasive tool glass nail file for processing nail plates.

manicurist strongly recommend rasp nail plates at their edges, because such an action leads to delamination. Nail Strengthening is impossible without the use of moisturizing creams of high quality. The key to strong nails is the use of the base oil. Nails like body as a whole, need the full fortified food, however, experts recommend to choose a cream with an increased content of vitamins A and E. Suitable exposure masks also have polish, in which the main ingredient is an oil.

Despite the outward beauty of artificial nails and coat of shellac, they aggravate the nail plate, not allowing them to "breathe", and disrupt the natural growth structure.

How to strengthen your nails at home?

of the nail correction contributes to their thinning. The restoration of the thickness of the former will take a lot of effort, time and expensive cosmetics. A professional manicurist will undertake to build weakened damaged nails as gel or acrylic further aggravate the situation.

Among the ladies there is a perception that the nail polish hinder strengthen nails. In fact, in most cases it is quite different.

Varnishes high quality regardless of the color gamut nail plates protect against the harmful effects from the environment, and also preventing access to mechanical damage. As you can purchase a starter kit for gel polish and forget about the problem of brittle nails.

When choosing paint, be sure to pay attention to its composition. To always nails were strong and healthy, keep in varnishes no toluen, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate.

Nails need to be further and very thorough consolidation and maintenance in the winter season. Beauticians are advised to apply every day on the surface of the hands and the nail plate special protective cream.

to strengthen nails procedure

As noted above, a beneficial effect on the strengthening of the nails provides the use of a variety of masks that you can do on your own and at home. Experts recommend using one of the following recipes:

Take a small bowl and squeeze it in juice 1/2 lemon. Then you need to add a half teaspoon of baking soda and two drops of iodine. The mask is applied to the nails before going to sleep and does not require rinsing. Thoroughly mix 5 drops of fresh lemon juice, 4 drops of rose oil and ten drops of natural jojoba oil, and then treat the obtained composition nail plates.

The simplest bath, which will help strengthen your nails well, video:

Mix the yolk of an egg, a single item. spoon of castor oil, add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and glycerin, because it is the most soft, then thoroughly whisk components.

After applying this composition to the nail plate, it is necessary to put on cotton gloves dense enough to enhance the effect. Is required to maintain the mask on your hands for at least thirty minutes, up until a couple of hours, if you have free time.