Caring for hair extensions. Tips for beginners

Every girl wants to be stylish and attractive.

Not surprisingly, the holders of modest shag commonly used remedy for hair loss and increase strands. So, today, in every cabin has a wizard that can easily make long curls and volume. However, their service life is directly dependent on care. How to do it right?

The Basics

First we need to choose the right shampoo. You can not apply makeup, the effect of which is directed against dryness and dandruff. The best option - compositions with a neutral pH. If you want to use the balm, mask or moisturizer for hair growth, apply the mixture gently, avoiding contact with the capsule and ribbon.

Caring for hair extensions. Tips for beginners

How to style?

For easy combing fit soft wooden comb with a few teeth. The procedure should be initiated with the tips, gently holding the hair at the base. Dry strands are best naturally. When operating the dryer is recommended to set the mode to "cold air" and try not to bring it to the fixation sites. The latter also applies to ploek, irons, curling tongs, hair curlers. Thus, heat can damage or even melt the capsule with keratin. Before laying always apply a thermal protection spray.

Caring for hair extensions. Tips for beginners

In general, give preference to free haircuts, avoiding excessively tight weave, tails, beams.

Important nuances

When you visit a solarium and swimming pool, as well as while bathing in salt water, wear a special hat. She would not let curls dry up. Also do not forget that to go to the bath or sauna can only be a belt capacity.