Basics of French style in clothes

Today we will talk about those things and fashion techniques, which together constitute the foundations of the French style of dress.

French women always look great. They have something special, elusive and subtle that it always attracts glances. And it is not only the beauty, but rather in the famous French charm and a great sense of style fashionistas.

We have prepared for you a few tips and secrets to perfect appearance, form the basis of the French style.

Tip One: buy basic things

The so-called basic clothes are the things that are universal and can be combined well with others.

This simple black or white shirts, plain tops, jeans, pants, which can adjust by itself. Shops are full of fashionable clothes, but my advice is: female blouse large variety in Kiev.

Basics of French style in clothes

Tip Two: wear dresses

Dress the best friends of women. Classic, sports, evening; with tights, leggings, socks important to dress sat on the figure.

Remember the famous Coco Chanel's little black dress - it must necessarily be in your wardrobe.

Basics of French style in clothes

Tip Three: the style is more important than the convenience of

Never take comfort above style. In order to look beautiful, sometimes you have to torment. High heels will make of any simpleton luxurious and stately lady.

Basics of French style in clothes

Tip Four: Be sure to use


Necklaces always welcome but do not overdo it, a string of beads is sufficient. Wear earrings to emphasize the neck. Be sure to buy a few scarves and neckerchiefs.

Also very nice look of leather gloves, berets and hats with brims that can be worn with a coat of thick cloth.

Basics of French style in clothes

Tip Five: Pick the right makeup

It is important to radiate the light from the glowing skin. You must look clean, and seemed transparent. Makeup should not be too bright, the best thing in moderation.

Basics of French style in clothes

You must do only eyeliner, crumbly powder and rouge. It is better not to use eyeliner, eyeliner, and especially in combination with the shadows. Focus on the Brigitte Bardot.