Baked eyeshadow

Our today's article will tell you about a baked eyeshadow, that is, and what are their advantages.

All women want to be beautiful - this craving for beauty lies in their very nature. Modern cosmetics manufacturers understand this desire and so develop unusual innovations, doing make-up is much more perfect and at the same time simple to implement.

Baked shadows rightly called one of the most revolutionary discoveries of the cosmetic industry - because they embody the harmonious combination of rich color and luster of mother of pearl.

Probably, you have repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that conventional pearlescent shadows in a box look bright and saturated, when applied to the eyelid skin loses its color, becoming whitish and faded.

In the shadows of class "luxury" brands, this problem is less pronounced - you can find some options of pearl shadows, which are on the eyelids look almost the same as in the package. Still, even "premium" color shadows are never so deep and rich as you'd expect.

What are baked shadows?

Baked eyeshadow

A revolution in the world of pearl shadows gave birth to a new technology - the very name of "baked shadows" is derived from their method of production. In the manufacture of such shades their components subjected to heat treatment (about 60 degrees) for one hour. The result of this impact becomes that the pigment particles are sintered and nacre, which gives shades qualitatively different properties - uniform dense structure is obtained, resistant to spillage. Thanks to this technology the color of shadows on your eyes for saturation and brightness is comparable to what you see in the package.

Another advantage of using this technology becomes shadows that baking shadows can store incoming water into the components that provide skin moisturizing age using this cosmetic.

Also, cosmetics manufacturers often enrich the composition of these shadows diverse ingredients that care for your skin, such as vitamin E or components that protect against UV rays.

How to use baked shadows?

Baked eyeshadow

In order to make up lasted longer time is recommended to use a basic foundation before applying shadow. Apply the shadow on the eyelid rather flat brush, and after applying the shadow lightly feather the edges. There are two ways, allowing to achieve a different result for the application of baked shadows.

The dry process for applying baked shadows

This option overlay shadow less stable and more often used in everyday eye makeup.

Inherently it does not differ from the usual method of application of classical shadows - shadows superimposed on the eyelid with a dry brush in one or more layers. The more layers you apply shadows, the more intense and bright color will turn out as a result.

Baked eyeshadow

The wet process for applying baked shadows

This option is imposing shadows can be used with confidence for the evening and festive makeup - color is very bright, and the make-up is very persistent. Apply then baked shadows need via applicator soaked in water or slightly damp paintbrush.

Make-up with baked shadows

Baked eyeshadow

Due to its saturated and bright color with a pearly sheen, baked shadows are ideal for creating unique images, evening and festive makeup.