Unlike conceptual things from the usual wardrobe items

What is the difference of conceptual things and accessories from ordinary objects wardrobe

Conceptual clothing is a reflection of the advanced ideas and trends in modern society. Treat such things need not as a fashionable attribute, but as a full-fledged work of art, which is designed to demonstrate to others the philosophy of life beliefs, as well as a unique sense of style of its owner.

Designers who create these clothes, draw their inspiration from a variety of sources, fantasizing about the distant future or paying view on fashion and cultural phenomena of the past. These products intricately combines unusual materials and textures, original and unusual cut, previously unseen forms.

Conceptual things look stylish and original, in addition, they carry a hidden message to society. That is why such wardrobe items preferred by those people who have something to say to the world, but the usual means of expression they do not like.

It is worth noting that most of the others, is not likely to understand the ideas and promises, which are incorporated in the conceptual clothes and accessories, but in any case they will be captivated and shock them. No one can remain indifferent at the sight of such a progressive clothing.

Unlike conceptual things from the usual wardrobe items

Examples conceptual brands

A good example of realization of conceptual ideas in wardrobe items can serve as accessories from designers collaboration "KHOURIANBEER". It is a well-known Spanish brand that produces futuristic women's and men's bags, clutch bags and backpacks.

The collections can be found KHOURIAN BEER accessories from unusual types of fabric, natural leather, wood and metal, which are processed manually using a unique experimental technique. This is not just a wardrobe items and works of art.

Their geometric bags look like they stepped off the illustrations for science fiction films or screens, which shows the future of mankind. In fact, they are looking to the future. Attempt to find, identify and implement those design concepts that will be used by tens or hundreds of years.

Unlike conceptual things from the usual wardrobe items

Where to buy things like

Conceptual things, accessories and jewelry not found in retail stores, even big-name fashion houses.

They can be purchased only in special Contemporary boutiques that bring together under one roof, tens or hundreds of artists, brands and creative collaborations that are doing things in style, conceptualism, and other avant-garde design direction.