Peach eye makeup

Eye makeup in peach tones - a perfect makeup for daytime. It emphasizes your personality.

Fashion make-up artists from around the world call for a fine half of mankind to draw its attention to the peach eye makeup.

The palette of colors, which is used to make this a very rich shades: from light pink to deep peach, from light wood until brown. Black pencil and mascara should be changed to brown.

How to carry out this makeup? we will tell you about it now

Peach eye makeup

Before you apply makeup necessarily prepare the skin to cosmetics: wash with cool water and tonic. Next, apply your favorite moisturizer.

Then proceed to create a smooth healthy complexion. If bruises under his eyes - Apply concealer yellow, red pimples mask the green concealer. Put the tonal foundation and well-powdered face, including eyelids. This will make a more lasting makeup.

Now we turn to the eyebrows. Give them a beautiful form, which will be ideally suited to your oval face with a pencil. It must be combined with the color of your hair. Emphasize your cheekbones using a blusher golden-pink hue.

And now proceed directly to the eye makeup

Peach eye makeup

On all the upper eyelid, apply a white shadow. Just put the shadow on podbrovnogo arc. This will allow the visually make more eyebrow arched.

The most important thing in creating a peach eye make-up - it's a smooth transition from dark to light. Use three to five colors. Do not forget that at the outer corner of the eye superimposed dark colors, and vnutrenniy- light.

Complete eye makeup draw arrows along the line of growth of eyelashes dark brown eyeliner or pencil. Carefully paint the lashes mascara.

Lips coat transparent gloss

Peach eye makeup

Peach eye makeup is absolutely suitable for any event, and you can easily do it at the most important meeting!