Lifting cream for the face, fight against aging

Lifting cream for the face - this is probably the most easy and accessible means for preventing aging of skin and anti-aging.

After all, not everyone is available a variety of beauty treatments, and even more plastic surgery techniques.

Using lifting face cream in most cases, it helps improve skin elasticity, to return to her youth and freshness. The effectiveness of various means is defined as their composition, and the original state of your skin.

Why there are wrinkles?

dehydration of the skin under the influence of harmful environmental influences, is one of the most frequent causes of premature skin aging.

Under the influence of adverse factors of the integrity of the skin barrier is broken, due to which the skin loses moisture and becomes coarse and gritty appearance. Also cause dehydration may be age-related changes, caused by lowering the content in skin cells of hyaluronic acid.

The second cause of age-related wrinkles become conversion of collagen and elastin fibers. Over the years, the tissue begin to be updated much more slowly, and that provokes a skin aging.

Furthermore internal causes affecting the appearance and skin condition, there are also external - free radicals and ultraviolet radiation. Under the action of free radicals collagen molecules stick together, causing the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Ultraviolet radiation also causes skin photoaging, expressed in thickening and roughening the top layer of the skin, change of structure of the skin fibers and deterioration of cutaneous hydration and microcirculation.

Lifting cream for the face, fight against aging

As a "working" Lifting Cream?

Lifting cream for the face, depending on the set of active components, are divided into two types - one creates lifting surface, the other - deep.

Surface lift is ideal for when you need to immediately feel a tightening effect. Such lotions, creating on the surface layer of the skin is pulled original frame, provide immediate results, which is held before you smoete makeup.

So that this type of lifting-cream will be useful when you need to take urgent action, but for the long-term effect is better to use cream provides a deep lifting.

How quickly does it work?

Lifting cream for the face, fight against aging

To see the result of the lifting-cream with a deep influence will take about a month. Active components such means are so small that they are able to penetrate a superficial layer of the skin and affecting the underlying layers, providing long lasting effect.

Since fading skin - a problem caused by a number of different external and internal factors, the active components and high-lifting creams are selected to have an impact on your skin is not in one but in several directions.

Composition-lifting face cream

The problem of skin dehydration fighting creams components such as vegetable oils with a high content of fatty acids, keratin and vitamin E - it helps to recreate the destroyed fat skin barrier and stop the loss of skin moisture.

components are also widely used, which create a protective film on the skin surface, preventing its dehydration under the influence of external factors.

To increase the amount of synthesized collagen and elastin in skin creams include components such as peptides, vitamin C, and retinol.

With the negative effects of free radicals help fight vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10, as well as plant extracts rich in antioxidants (e.g., green tea, kiwi, grapes).

The presence among the cream-lifting AHA acids ingredients helps start the natural process of skin renewal, thereby disappear shallow wrinkles, and skin tone is more even.

In addition to all the listed components, lifting cream may contain in its composition, and other substances that improve the protective function of the skin and enriches it with vitamins and minerals.