Branded Bags - stylish accessory ladies

Bag - one of the most popular accessories in the wardrobe of the modern woman. At the present time - is not so much a luxury as a common thing, applicable on a daily basis.

Of course, today you can find this accessory for various purposes:

  • beach;
  • Evening Bags for celebrations;
  • the official bags;
  • sports; original bags hand-made;
  • Bag satchel;
  • and many other species.

Ladies, if you choose, as a rule, look at the quality of products, sewing, find out about the materials used, and of course pay attention to the brand. Today, every shop offers a variety of model variants, each of which is characterized by a unique taste and style.

Even copies of famous brands look so that they simply can not distinguish from the original. And tell Now, why spend fabulous sums for the purchase of the original bags superizvestnogo brand, if you can buy a cheap copy handbags have for less money?

Branded Bags - stylish accessory ladies

Huge selection of

There is not a woman who would not have bags. No matter big or small, leather or knitted, round or square.

Women's Bag - an important part of any woman's wardrobe. Although very often an indispensable accessory compared with male garage. Why? You know.

Interesting Facts

Branded Bags - stylish accessory ladies

Initially, the bags were sewn in the form of small bags. They were worn by both men and women. Men liked to mount them on the belt, and women - to wear lace. In such bags were often money. Thereafter, the pouches have become purses with a metal fastener. And the wallet made of goatskin. Through time purses have become larger and have resembled today's bags. They began to sew from fish skin, fur, rope, adding fringe and lace. And in the 17th century bags began to ascribe to female attributes.

This accessory has become so famous that in 2001 it allocated for a special day to celebrate. National day bags is considered to be October 4.

In Amsterdam, there is even a museum of bags. In it contains all about the history of handbags and suitcases, all presented about 3,500 exhibits.

Types of modern handbags:

Branded Bags - stylish accessory ladies
  1. Traditional Tote Bag. This is the usual comfortable and roomy handbags. Most often she rectangular shape, with a button-clasp, or a snake. A handle her - of medium length.
  2. bag-backpack Satchel. Designed for carrying free style. It is suitable for students and office workers.
  3. Bag Backpack Messenger bag. Well suited for business women. Such bags often have a long harness, by using it - a bag worn over the shoulder.
  4. Wristlet Bag. This type is very popular among young people. The model has no handles and shleek and attached just strap that is worn on the arm.
  5. Hobo Bag. It is designed as a crescent with a wide variety of the harness. It is quite spacious, and bulk bag.
  6. Duffel Bag. Handy thing for travel, it is also called the "duffel bags". Their sizes can be small and large. It resembles a suitcase. Sometimes in this bag attached wheels, for more convenient use.
  7. Frame Bag. Designed business style, reminiscent of the bag. She rounded form. It is very convenient for the papers, documents, folders.
  8. Kelly Bag This image of femininity and style. Form her in the form of a trapezoid, with handle. A distinctive feature of this model - the two buckles on the outside.
  9. Baguette bag. Such a title she wears because of its shape. Bag like a long loaf. The bag has no handles, but there is the harness.

This is the only major species that exist. Every day increases their species.

How to choose a bag?

Branded Bags - stylish accessory ladies

Every woman who comes to the store of bags lost in the selection. Because a lot of them, they are different colors and shapes. Which do you choose? What kind of style is suitable? What is comfortable?

Before you buy a new bag, you need to decide why it is needed and for what purpose. To wear or decoration. For the decorations used at parties, weddings, do not require a great capacity for it. Choose to wear more often comfortable, roomy instances, such as bags of Italian luxury brands in the Caprice du Roi.

Once decided on the destination, you pay attention to such important things.

  • Color. In the past, it was assumed that the bag should be in the same colors as the clothes. But now it is not. Try to keep the color of the bag did not coincide with the color of clothing. Bag on background of the same color will simply be lost or will merge. Best of all, when combined with some details in the wardrobe.
  • Size. To start, decide, what is needed the bag, and then choose the size. If you are a business woman, then it must be of a size not less than the folders to fit comfortably to the paper. If you come to the beach - the bag must also be more than that to it was possible to hold blankets, towels and other beach accessories. If you have plans to party, choose a miniature handbag.
  • material. may be crosslinked with leather, suede, leather substitutes, fur or tissue. Choose a bag of high quality material. They are an order of magnitude more expensive, but they last longer callout.

As for the bag to determine the nature of a woman?

Branded Bags - stylish accessory ladies

The psychologists concluded that the bag is easy to determine the nature of its owner. What kind of bag choose how and what is stored there - all this will help to describe the psychological profile of any woman.


Bags larger sizes are active and energetic woman. Expected of all immediate return, prefers comfort and convenience throughout. Such women performance and endurance. This is the person with a great outlook.

Bags of small sizes are elegant, charming, dreamy women. Lady with a handbag - the refined nature, loves to care for themselves and giving this a lot of time.


Handbags severe forms of in the wardrobe of most women's business. They are all painted according to plan, they are active, practical and elegant. These women know their value, need for attention, intelligence and diplomacy. Bags unusual shapes speak of eccentricity, originality, emotional, autonomy and unpredictability. This bright personality in mind they have a lot of ideas, thoughts. Most often it is the people of creative professions.


Color bags can also talk about the nature of women. If the wardrobe preference is given to the bright colors, it speaks about the active and cheerful nature of women.

If a woman chooses a bag of black, brown, blue colors, then a woman is considered to be a practical, thrifty, quiet, mature and restrained. But if the replacement of dark shades come shades of light and warm colors, these ladies are romantic, kind, like to dream.

Branded Bags - stylish accessory ladies

The choice of bag for every woman hard choices. Someone chooses right, and someone might week to shop and nothing to choose. Follow innovations and fashion trends, choose according to your wardrobe and do not forget about the purpose of the bag. Then you will look stylish and fashionable!