Variety of decorative cosmetics

Modern beauty industry offers a lot of cosmetics, so that each user could improve its image.

High-quality cosmetics is curative, decorative, natural, to provide body care, face, hair, nails.

Three groups of cosmetics

Given the structure, a group designation, any consumer can be divided cosmetic preparations for natural, synthetic or semisynthetic. It should be noted that synthetic products are environmentally safe.

Decorative products are efficient, have a resistance, a variety of colors, have low cost, compared with natural gels, balms, lipsticks. Good cosmetic products must meet the requirements of:

  1. Meet expectations imposed.
  2. To be effective, long-lasting.
  3. is characterized by simplicity, ease of use.
  4. , buyers apparently, have a pleasant aroma.

The cosmetic products can be divided into several categories: for men, women, children, adolescents. It is also distinguished by the use of time means: night, day, morning, evening. Creams, serums help to get rid of the age-related changes of the skin, hide external defects, wrinkles.

Variety of decorative cosmetics

Modern varieties of

Cosmetics are classified by type: decorating (masking), therapeutic and caring. There are tonics, lotions for daily care, medications help to maintain the good condition of the skin, locks, nails at home. Medicines sold in pharmacies, are professional. They help to effectively solve problems with the skin. Masking cosmetics designed to give the appearance of expression, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of masking. There are hypoallergenic products that do not contain dyes, flavorings.

The relationship of cost and quality of

One can not say that cheap cosmetics is of poor quality. Buy inexpensive means possible through specialized online stores. Such products have good quality and acceptable cost.

Products having a presentable appearance, having higher efficacy are middle level. Cosmetic products Luxury - are drugs made from high quality raw materials, organic additives minerals.

Choosing the necessary drugs, all kinds of creams, serums, shampoos, conditioners, it is necessary to take into account skin type, purpose: care, nutrition, cleansing, moisturizing and protection. Typically, specialty shops offer a free consultation and sellers to explain features distinguish the goods.