Choosing a holiday Christmas ornaments for hair

Anticipation of a holiday is not worse than the holiday itself, and perhaps even better, in fact much longer than the very New Year's Eve.

At this time, there is a possibility to do very nice things - preparation for the holiday. You can walk to the shops, to come up with clothes, buying gifts and select hair ornaments.

The shops are many different ornaments for the hair, which to choose?

Let's start from the New Year's image. If you want to look like Maiden or Snow Queen, choose headbands and hair clips decorated with sparkling snowflakes and icicles. For those who choose a warmer image, fit a variety of hair ornaments.

Choosing a holiday Christmas ornaments for hair

Headbands hair will add solemnity and even royalty to your image, and cute barrettes and various invisible with beautiful rhinestones make you more sweet and tender.

If desired, you can make your own hair ornaments, important not to overdo it, otherwise you will mix with a Christmas tree!