Fashion trends in accessories 2018

Today, dear ladies, we will discuss with you the latest fashion trends in accessories and decorations coming in 2018.

Style "African"

Perhaps, this style can be called if not the most common, at least one of the most used in the independent creation of accessories.

Ethnic notes in jewelry fascinate, and all kind of accessories in general must necessarily seem somewhat exorbitant, "the purchased" - but certainly not made his own.

Fashion trends in accessories 2018

to create jewelry with African motifs are ideal seashells, coral and brightly colored stones of small size.

Fashion trends in accessories 2018

"vintage" style

Jewelry in this style is fairly simple, if you combine the colored mineral stones -. Bakelite, Galal and others no less spectacular with the clothes will look accessory, which can be uglyadet oriental motifs.

Fashion trends in accessories 2018 Fashion trends in accessories 2018

Style "back to nature"

Jewelry made in this style direction, quite interesting, despite some "baby" theme - it is no wonder this trend is called so.

Fashion trends in accessories 2018 Fashion trends in accessories 2018

The style involves the creation of accessories from simple materials such as wooden beads, fasolinki and peas, pieces of cloth.

The ornaments "from childhood" there is a certain vintage, and maybe that's why they are often used for their hits such masters of fashion, like Prada, Dior, Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana Vuitton, Chanel. A weaving accessories in porcelain flowers and small plastic pieces are welcome.

Style "coquette"

In contrast to the style of "childhood" is the direction uses a completely different elements to create accessory beads bright colors, bows and silk ribbons, pearls large and small - in short, all that hardware on which it is easy to guess easy summer style.

Fashion trends in accessories 2018

Also, never go out of fashion wooden ornaments and a variety of hair accessories.

As a rule, wood is a good basis for the creation of different jewelry - you can cover any paint or varnish, it is easily polished and acquires a beautiful glossy sheen, and can be frosted.

Looks very interesting wood carved jewelry, lacquered, to "mitigate" the coarse type which uses decorative embroidery or lace edging.

If you want to attract the attention of others to your hair, it can easily be done using various hair accessories, also made their own hands.

The main element is a barrette in her hair, the basis for which you can choose from almost any material - plastic, wood, fabric, and even clay. On the basis of glued-matched accessories - beads, flowers, small elements. Details can be planted on superglue.

Fashion trends in accessories 2018

Do not look less elegant barrettes, combs, as the basis for that is even possible to use cabochons! Garnish with a cabochon can cameos or beads, acrylic colors or Swarovski crystals - for creativity is unlimited!