How to look at the nails at home

It's no secret that our hands say a lot, so our today's article will tell how to look on the nails at home.

The woman's hand as nails can tell about the lifestyle of its owner, its age and habits. So it was not so obvious, it should be a very responsible approach to nail care, manicure regularly update, as well as nourish the skin.

Basic procedures can be divided into several stages.


I think that we should not say that you need to wash your hands often: after a walk, before eating, after using the toilet, etc. But all is not as obvious to the nails... Rarely do we pay attention to their purification.

But this is not at all difficult. Sign a brush with a short nap, pretty tough, so you can easily remove dirt from under his fingernails. Best of all, if the bristles will be genuine.

How to look at the nails at home


Hand care, as well as nail should be regular and compulsory. It includes both the external care and care of the beauty inside.

The first is to hand masks and baths for nails, permanent cropping or move aside the cuticle, and the second - in the reception of special beauty vitamins A and E. It is also worth remembering and of a beautiful form of nails. Universal tool for manicure at home - this is Prof. Fraser manicure

How to look at the nails at home


I think there is no need to go into detail, fingers with a nice manicure look much more attractive than not without it. The main thing to know the measure does not seek to make their nails storehouse with diamonds.

Simple but tastefully executed manicure yet no one prevented. So that strive to ensure that your nails were painted!

How to look at the nails at home


Yes, the nails too are in need of moisture. In specialty stores sell special capsule with beneficial oils that will give your nails shine and moisturize the skin on the finger.

If you do not want to buy ready-made tools, you can use the usual cosmetic oils, tea tree, coconut, but it will be better if you mix it with the one to one capsule of vitamin E from the pharmacy.

I assure you that the result will not wait long!

How to look at the nails at home


How to look at the nails at home

As your skin, our nails need to be protected, especially during the cold season. Be sure to wear gloves or warm gloves, do not let his hands get cold. Before going outdoors, apply sunscreen.

Washing dishes or doing chores around the house, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves to protect hands and nails from household chemicals.

I hope our tips will help your current handles to be beautiful and well-groomed!