3 ways to wear full cardigan men

What could be more comfortable warm knitted cardigan? Putting on it, a man gives his image notes conservatism and elegance.

Thing is versatile and can be combined with any style of clothing. But there is a 3 way in which large size cardigan will look especially appropriate and advantageous.

Cute nerd

It is said that the most valuable male organ for women - mind. Therefore, the image of a well-read, intelligent man always attracts attention. You can create one in the style of casual or formal business style.

The main part of the image in addition to cardigan large size will be a tie. If you choose smart casual, the tie can be either the most unusual color and cut. You can even choose a scarf or tie.

But for Business Tie image should be ideally suited to the suit, and his drawing should not be allocated and conspicuous. Rules of etiquette allow wearing thin cardigan under a jacket, you just have to make sure that an additional layer of clothing did not play against you, adding extra volume.

3 ways to wear full cardigan men

The creative genius of

Imagine the scene - working space, a stylish desk, comfortable chair, a constant circle. At the table, of course, the guy in the white shirt and cardigan with V-neck with buttons mean. The cardigans for obese men is very important to monitor the size of fittings and mating. Too little as too great detail, creating an imbalance image. But the white T-shirt, under such an image, you can choose white or black turtleneck from thick cotton.

3 ways to wear full cardigan men

His fellow

cardigan, chinos, a shirt in a large cage - trendy image of everyday life. It is convenient to go to the coffee shop, meet friends, go to work, do not require a strict dress code. Please note that the shirt should be significantly thinner knit cardigan. Only in this case, their combination will look harmonious.

It is best to choose a wool model. Jerseys too slim cut, giving trouble spots. But the average mating and straight leg will hide imperfections and give the body a clear silhouette.

Large selection of items at any of these images can be found large MaxxxiModa sizes in a specialty store clothes. Explore the catalog and estimate which model cardigan large size suitable for all three bows. And be sure to order it to his wardrobe.