How to make hair shiny at home

Today we talk about how to make hair shiny at home and what to do to keep their beautiful appearance.

Monitor their health, diet, eat rationally and healthy diet is useful and important not only to maintain the figure in perfect shape, but also to ensure the health of the whole body, including your hair beauty, nails and skin.

If your hair is dull, brittle steel, constantly whipped and fall - this could be a signal of distress.

Pay attention to how many hours you sleep if your body the necessary vitamins if you eat regularly and receive and trace elements, as you see, if the problem arose from the inside, no funds for external care will not help return your hair beautiful and healthy appearance. And of course do not forget about the special tools and instruments, which offers profmagazin for hairdressers, they will help your hair to be beautiful!

Rules how to make hair shiny at home

How to make hair shiny at home

Remember a few rules that will help you to maintain and care for your hair.

Dull hair

If you begin to notice that your hair is much dimmed, lost luster, it can be a clear sign of vitamin deficiency. Help your body. Enter in your daily diet dried fruits, fruit, citrus necessarily.

Since the most essential element is the hair calcium, eat dairy products. Also do not forget that the basic building blocks for your hair stands protein, so eat white meat and fish meat fat varieties. If you are a vegetarian and do not eat meat, you can replace it with the use of only 1 egg per day. For the health of your hair and scalp will also need B vitamins that are contained in cereals, nuts. Eat cereal with dried fruits and nuts for breakfast, snack throughout the day on the basis of loaves of bran, well, or just dried fruit, yogurt.

How to make hair shiny at home

split ends

Almost all the power that comes to hair, they take themselves and lead to loss of gloss and color of hair. To this eternal problem can and should be regularly fight: to cut the ends of the cabin, or at least at home, ask for help or close friend (if you have a simple haircut), once a month and a half.

Arrange hair "vacation." Try at least a week to go without hair styling, blow-drying, buy whey or to restore or strengthen the hair mask, spend a few SPA-procedures. Your hair is sure to appreciate it, and you will appreciate the result.

to wash your hair tools

Make sure that the shampoo and conditioner, balsam that you use, are suitable for your hair type. Prone to fat content - quickly become soiled and fade, because they can not get a complete cleansing with shampoo shampoo inappropriate or improper use of the balm.

Dry hair is usually not enough food. Go to the selection of such means seriously, select the correct shampoo and lightweight balm (air conditioning) for your hair. By the way of such a correct choice depends how much time you have to spend on styling.

How to make hair shiny at home

to shine Receptions


There are many ways to give your hair shine, that's the easiest and most affordable ones. Arrange hair douche. Rinse with cool water after washing.

The whole secret lies in the fact that the hair, have pores, thus changing the temperature you close them, protect hair from external influences. Hair also can not be washed with very hot water, it also as a hair dryer and hair iron if has only a negative effect on the hair.


When you add the rinse water lemon juice or vinegar, just a couple of teaspoons. The acid contained in the lemon juice and vinegar will give your hair a little glitter.


How to make hair shiny at home

Oddly enough, but the selection of the correct comb, will also be useful to your hair. Pick a comb with a few teeth, combing hair comb this will not pushitsya and break.

Also purchase a brush of natural cloth and use it every night. When you're spending it on your hair it will remove all the dead skin flakes, dust and dirt from your hair that have accumulated over the day.

Delay dirt and dust on the hair styling help, so do not abuse it and do not put close to the root and scalp.


It is no secret that after the next dyeing hair look shiny and manageable. If you choose the right hair color, preferably without the ammonia, and withstand the intervals between periods of painting, it is possible to maintain a decent appearance of hair.