Fashionable and stylish men's shirt as a gift. Where to begin?

To shirts can create a unique image of a man, to emphasize the dignity, great taste, manufacturers offer very different models. To make a man great surprise, when choosing a shirt is important to consider many factors.

Men's shirts are considered a mandatory element of any man's wardrobe. Strong puts on their floor in the office, on the important negotiations, to meet with friends and just in everyday life.

They can be strict, classical, colorful, design, make sexy image, to emphasize the dignity of the figure, etc. Before you buy a man's shirt -.. Striking example of classic clothes, is to understand the peculiarities of its choice.

Men's shirts in the online store, you can see a variety of style, a style, colors, able to surprise even the most demanding fashionista.

Choosing a shirt as a gift, it is important to take into account many important factors:

  • material,
  • style
  • button,
  • cuff
  • form of a collar,
  • color and others.
Fashionable and stylish men's shirt as a gift. Where to begin?

Thinking where to buy a shirt for a gift, you need to solve a very important problem, because for most men shirts are a constant view of clothes.

The choice of material and style

The best materials for men's shirts - a silk, poplin, natural cotton. Men's shirts in Moscow can be purchased from synthetic materials, but such products for possible should be avoided, as the body in their bad breath. The fabric itself should be pleasant to the touch, to the man who has received such a gift from you, it was nice to wear it.

If there is a need to adjust the figure, the properly sized cut shirt can hide some flaws. For example, the form-fitting shirts are perfect for obese men, while too loose to skinny will look poorly. Shirt with a high collar can visually correct too long neck and with wide cuffs make the figure more massive.

Pay attention to the color and pattern of

When choosing a shirt for a gift, it is necessary to assume in advance when and where man will be able to wear it because of this choice of color and pattern depends. Although shirts are appropriate for each day a variety of patterns, it is better to refrain from buying such garments with bright colored stripes or cells.

Preference is given to a narrow dark vertical stripes, because horizontal stripes are complete. Moreover, the thinner the strip, so it will look more elegant. Among the possible options for the cell business wear suits only very small. If you are going to give the shirt the man, when he is going on holiday in hot countries, products with bright patterns can be selected more easily.

Fashionable and stylish men's shirt as a gift. Where to begin?

The choice of style shirt collar

men's shirts, the price of which is well suited to buy them as a gift for various celebrations, can have different kind of collar: deferred, with a deflated tips, rounded, "small stands", etc. Choose a type of collar is most often according to individual taste. , bearing in mind that it should fit the shape of the face and neck.

For thin neck is right for a wide and high collar for thick - lower and narrower. Visually narrow and wide round face can turn-down collar, rounded collar - will make the face wider, and the "Front" balances a very long neck. In addition, if a man does not like to wear a tie, the collar with the reception - great for his wardrobe.

Fashionable and stylish men's shirt as a gift. Where to begin?