Perfumes women's fragrance than they are characteristic

Today we'll talk about what a women's fragrance perfumes than they are characteristic and what are their characteristics.

Art of perfumery came to us from ancient times. Fragrances for women in ancient Egypt were designed to reveal the character of its owner, to emphasize its individuality and charm.

Every girl seeks in its own smell, because smell is a kind of fingerprint of the person, the owner of the finishing touch generated image. Today in perfume stores, you can purchase fragrance brands such as: Armani, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, and other well-known international manufacturers of perfumes.

The basis of quality women's perfume

Perfumes women's fragrance than they are characteristic

Quality spirits - is a balanced, fine-tuned composition. In fact, it is a work of art. Over any one year can work complex instances experienced perfumers.

Features various collections

The aroma can be divided into basic, medium and high notes. Top notes - the easiest, they felt immediately after applying perfume. Then appears the middle note.

It has the highest stability and is the basis of flavor. The finishing touch becomes basic, loopback odor. If you are going to buy a perfume, you need to take into account all three components of the odor: they should match your style, mood, self-awareness, not cause rejection.

A little bit about the toilet water

Perfumes women's fragrance than they are characteristic

Toilet water, which is dominated by high notes, in most cases, fresh, floral, light. It is perfect for a warm sunny morning. Perfumes, which is based on the base notes, has oriental, spicy echoes.

Often women choose it for special occasions. By selecting different fragrance according to season, environment, circumstances, you can easily change your mood and bring in your own way of accents.

Sensual and discreet, warm and fresh, rich and subtle - quality women's perfume will be able to express your every emotion.

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