Most known vintage spirits that represent, examples

Today we look at the most famous perfume vintage, what they represent, examples, and of course a bit of the history of these flavors, for the overall development.

Vintage: the best flavors from different ages

A bygone era has a special charm and appeal to modern people. Touch the events of the past helps vintage style that is gaining popularity in various areas of our lives.

It was no exception and the art of perfumery. Today perfume vintage in demand and popular. Quality models from leading manufacturers reflect the spirit and the spirit of times gone by.

Features vintage art of perfumery

Most known vintage spirits that represent, examples

To perfumes could be considered vintage, it must meet certain requirements. These spirits must be more than fifteen years.

However, this is not enough. Vintage - a mirror of its time. It must match the appearance of age. Proud title vintage are only spirits, it is a kind of fashionable standard of a certain period of history.

Often vintage eau de toilette fragrance reproduces the 60-ies of XX century. Each scent has a long history. Such spirits valued greatest personalities of his time. Part of the famous names disappeared from the memory of modern man, but the flavors of the past are still highly sought after.

The most famous perfume vintage

Most known vintage spirits that represent, examples

The most famous vintage spirits are considered the famous Chanel No5, released Coco Chanel; Polish perfume "may"; "Red Moscow", "Silver Lily of the Valley" from the "New Dawn". However, the range of vintage perfumes these products is unlimited.

Leading perfume houses produce the whole range of old flavors, enjoying an impressive popularity among connoisseurs of high-quality spirits.

Eau de toilette vintage

Eau de toilette vintage allows to give the image of the owner of a particular depth and charm. Of course, choosing a scent you need to focus not so much on its popularity as on compliance is your style.

Well-chosen vintage perfume are inseparable from the owner. They are complementary and open it.

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