Terms of use of spirits, tips for applying

Today perfume stores offer a large number of flavors. They differ in their features.

The way to a specific person, "sounds" a particular embodiment depends on the quality of the product, as well as the correctness of its use. To buy perfume, you should type in a search engine "molecule spirits" and explore the emerging proposals.

Current recommendations

Regardless of which option you choose a perfume, you should review the general guidelines:

  • Do not mix different groups of flavors. In the application of several types of perfumes should acquire one line. Ideally, the spirits must not have competitors in your body. Therefore, you can buy lotions and deodorants is odorless. Otherwise, the mixture can not be very pleasant.
  • For every flavor suits a particular time. To smell is pleasant not only to you but also to others, you need to choose when to use it. In the afternoon, in summer and in working hours is better to use lightweight versions spirits. Once come the cold, as well as for special evening events with a loop suitable perfume odor that is different saturation.
  • The spirits like to clean skin. It washed up on the body can provide the unique flavor that will appeal not only to you but also to others. This is worth remembering, if you change the fragrance in one day. This can be done only after a bath or shower. The same applies to sweat, because of its smell mixing with the scent of perfume can give a negative result.
  • should know when to stop. This is especially true with heavy perfume aroma, as well as those who are resistant. If you do not hear your perfume, it does not mean that others also do not feel it. Therefore, you should not abuse the number of perfumes updates on the skin throughout the day. Terms of use of spirits, tips for applying
  • Clothing stores smell bad. Most experts do not recommend to apply perfume anywhere except the skin. But it is worth remembering that the best flavors are retained on the wool, flax, cotton and furs. It is necessary to consider if you periodically change your perfume. It must be said also that in the light things fragrances can leave not only smell but also very visible markings. Bring them out can be very difficult, and sometimes impossible.
  • Proper storage is important. Effect on perfume sunlight and air has a negative impact on the durability and "sound" of perfume. Therefore, the product should be stored in a closed state, in a box, away from places where light and heat.
  • Do not rub the fragrance on the skin surface. Such mechanical process will lead to the fact that the fragrance molecules are destroyed. Therefore, you can only apply fragrances using a special spray gun or a finger. Suffice it to point of touch, which should be very tender and flavorful. If you sprinkle perfume on the hair, should be limited to only a few strokes. Terms of use of spirits, tips for applying

Using the above nuances, you can learn how to apply perfume. To buy composition should dial into a search engine "escentric molecules" and study the information received.