Summer style. The hottest summer fashion trends

Today we look at the hottest summer fashion trends, we will discuss what to wear in the upcoming warm season, to be at the peak of style and delight others with their images.

Do you know why the winter is sometimes not in a hurry to take their positions? Because someone else did not update your wardrobe for the coming spring-summer season! Let's quickly go over the main fashion trends of the coming season, the sun!

Before you begin to create the spring-summer collections of 2018, all the designers are well rested and plucked inspiration in the history and architecture of Greece, Morocco, Japan, India and Africa.

Ethnic motives

Summer style. The hottest summer fashion trends

This season, the predominating trend of the summer: ethnics and the spirit of travel. And, indeed, what could be better fashion? Travel Only! Women's dresses with long sleeves in the ethnic style or daily can also be considered one of the favorites for the upcoming season.

If you will relax in a country with a different culture, be sure to get the thing with the local traditional ornament. However, not necessarily totally dress up in Greek togas and hang African amulets.

Chic and shine

Summer style. The hottest summer fashion trends

The next trend is like "forty", who like all brilliant. Sequins, lurex, satin, crystals - everything was in motion! In general, glamor, glitter, tra-ta-ta! Judging that the bows that offer designers this season, you can not overdo it with glitter. We offer swim in pollen and shiny rhinestones. Shine forth, stars, shine forth!


Summer style. The hottest summer fashion trends

As opposed to the whole bright and shiny, fashionable denim remains democratic. In a special premium denim suits "skirt + jacket." But do not get the old clothes of her youth. Now, on the podium in the new denim reading!

Pop Art

Summer style. The hottest summer fashion trends

Gaining increasing popularity of pop-art, both in culture, as well as directly on the fashion catwalks. The trend is: comics, photos, drawings "by hand" and interpretation of renowned artists - prints to a whole variety of tissues.

This season, designers are again praised Fauvism. Fashion trends for summer - more bright, open color, higher contrast color blocks. The main thing here: to observe the compatibility of colors, and not afraid of anything! In common with him is another trend - Suprematism. On the podium one straight line. Although, no! Here is the same circle and rectangle, and a square!

In addition to fashion and pop art - it's black and white graphics, giving birth to an unforgettable visual illusions. This trend is worthy of a girl-riddle! Looking at this outfit, in any man's eyes clouded. But it is necessary to be cautious: if some designs emphasize the advantages, the disadvantages of other multiply. Just the same double-edged sword!


Summer style. The hottest summer fashion trends

Line - this is the basis for every designer. This season, it's not only prints on the fabric, but also the decor. Hello, fringe! Very impressive clothing (and accessories) looks in motion. Remember that from now on every step will be to attract the attention of enthusiastic!


Summer style. The hottest summer fashion trends

He captured not only the film industry, but also the fashion catwalks. Volumetric three-dimensional applique make clothes and style vary in its sole discretion. But what about the figures? Be careful with this trend!


Summer style. The hottest summer fashion trends Summer style. The hottest summer fashion trends

If you have nothing to hide, buy a transparent blouse. What? Bold and daring? Then you have an urgent need and a transparent skirt! And let all the spiteful critics are jealous of your infinite self. Also in vogue plastic! Transparent bags, raincoats, jackets and even shoes - one of the main trends of summer 2018.

Perforation and pleated

Summer style. The hottest summer fashion trends Summer style. The hottest summer fashion trends

For those who do not despair and bold designers offer to try things with perforation. If so fashionable style summer means "hole", they must be ordered in either a geometric or the animalistic figure.

In my subjective opinion, pleating - it's not the best invention of mankind, but fasion-designers really believe in pleats and abundantly stuffed them their collections. Dresses, skirts - help yourself fashionable lioness!

Handbags belt

From accessories worth noting stylish Waist bag that can be worn not only with sports things, but also with dresses.

Summer style. The hottest summer fashion trends

shirt, and the shirt again!

Summer style. The hottest summer fashion trends

And the last, the most erotic trend, closing the hot summer fashion trends - shirt. The most successful borrowing of all time from a man's wardrobe.

This season, it must necessarily be on buttons, blue or white. Priodentes and forth to conquer the mortal world!