The figure of "hourglass"

For the type of shape characteristic approximately equal hours straps bust and hips at the same time should stand a good waist. This type of shape resembles an hourglass, hence the name.

Waist circumference is approximately equal to 75 percent of the circumference thighs. Truly, this type of shape is considered ideal when it is not necessary to hide the shortcomings, the main thing - to emphasize the shape, to choose the right wardrobe.

When choosing clothes, it is important to emphasize the dignity of the figure correctly. Well suited for "hours" fitting things to your body shape. In the absence of weight loss, you can choose almost any clothes on taste and color.

The most appropriate options for the top - it's jackets, blouses different, equipped with a deep neckline, jackets that are beautifully allocate waist, jackets, shirts, tops and the like.

For the bottom to be perfectly fit pencil skirts, mini skirts and skirts with a high waist. Welcomed the presence of a thin belt to accentuate your hips. To figure the "clock" good fit trousers and jeans are not low, and medium or excessive landing at the waist.

Models of things can be absolutely any, but it's better with the presence of the strap. It is undesirable to select the bottom of clothes with a large pattern, ornament or pockets to avoid not harmonious way.

There is a wide range of daily and evening dresses for the type of shape "clocks" - fit the model of all colors and styles. Avoid loose-fitting dresses - they may add extra weight.

The figure of

A is also not desirable to focus on the hips with the help of a pattern of pockets - it can look inharmonious, should equally pay attention to the bust and hips. Straight cut dresses and dresses-cases accentuate the figure.

In the selection of outerwear - jackets, coats, raincoats, preference should be given to short-cut models are also desirable to have a strap or belt.

When choosing shoes, jewelry and accessories necessary to make a choice in favor of streamlined, flowing elements. Tall women should choose large ornaments and low - small.

The main criterion for the choice of clothes - not loose clothing. Because of this may appear visually figure flaws - extra weight.

The most suitable fabrics for the figure clock - silk, chiffon, fine wool, viscose and cotton. The winning design - small cells, vertical bar, peas. Horizontal stripes only on the breast or only on the hips make them visually wider.

Women with type figure "hourglass" should properly emphasize the waist, to observe the harmony of the top and bottom, to emphasize the shape and then the figure will be their best decoration bestowed by nature.