How to effectively remove cellulite at home

Youth, unfortunately, is not eternal, and with age, to preserve the beauty must increasingly take care of your body. One of the major problems is the female cellulite on different zones of the body, and in particular on the thighs and buttocks.

But do not despair, discovering at its signs. Beat cellulite and really at home.

The causes of cellulite

The first step is to establish the reason why the body there have been such changes. Cellulite is the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, which is not necessarily linked to obesity.

It called cellulite metabolic disturbances. In the first place - it is the process of lipolysis, in violation of which there is non-uniform accumulation of adipose tissue.

Intensive development it receives during pregnancy and stress, weight gain. Play a role heredity, bad habits and some diseases in the first place, endocrine and cardiovascular.

Fighting cellulite

It is best to begin preventive struggle, until the first signs. But if the "orange peel" is already making itself felt and strongly expressed, action should be taken immediately.

1. Correction diet

Most of the products must be consumed vegetables, fruits, preferably raw or steamed. Cottage cheese and yogurt will also help speed up the process of digestion of excess fat.

Under the strict prohibition fall fast food, bread, pasta, fatty foods. Sweet permissible in limited quantities, but it is better to replace it with dried fruit and honey. Be sure to use juices.

How to effectively remove cellulite at home

2. Physical activity

Ideal - a morning jog and a set of exercises for problem areas, which can be done at home and at work.

If time is not complete classes, should abandon the elevators and if possible replace the public transport bicycle, walk and climb stairs only.

3. Massage

How to effectively remove cellulite at home

Massage improves the subcutaneous exchange. In the absence of allergy problem areas need to massage the honey that penetrates deep under the skin and promotes the normalization of metabolic processes.

The greatest effect is a massage conducted in a bath.

4. Beauty products

Cream that prevents aggravation of cellulite, is used as an adjuvant. It contains active ingredients that help to fight the condition in the initial stages. There is also a cream to help maintain the beauty of the face.

Endosfera therapy - is the latest scientific developments in conjunction with beauticians, a method that is guaranteed to save you from the hated cellulite and return you the joy of the beautiful and smooth skin.

5. Treatment of the underlying disease

If cellulite is caused by the disturbance in hormonal metabolism, the fight against it must begin with the treatment of these diseases under the supervision of a physician. When the development of cellulite on alcohol or smoking, you must prioritize. What is more important: a healthy and beautiful body or addiction.

In the fight against cellulite is important to remember - it is possible to win, but in the chronic stage - significantly alleviate the condition, but it is necessary to use all means at the same time.