Tips on creating a unique style

People with a personal style does not blindly follow fashion. Often, they even do it creates. Headbands Blair Waldorf of "Gossip Girl", long lower lashes and short Twiggy and even the constant presence of the hat on the head of Mikhail Boyarsky and Points Gregory Leps - all vivid examples of individual style.

In today's world there are a great many ways to build a wardrobe. You can find three tips to help you to find your own style.

Tip 1: Consider the features of the figure

The easiest way to look your best - is to study the features of the figure and choose clothes suitable to her. The dimensions do not matter, because everything depends on the shape of the body.

If you have the figure of "hourglass", then you need to avoid loose blouses and dresses, and give preference to the belt, close-fitting dresses and form-fitting blouses. It will emphasize your beautiful figure.

If your body is pear-shaped (wide hips, narrow shoulders), then you have to choose the top and necklaces, eye-catching, and the bottom of the dark colors. People with a triangular body shape (wide shoulders and narrow hips) should wear dresses with low waist, untied scarves and long necklaces.

If your body has a rectangular shape (shoulders, waist and hips are almost equal in width), choose clothes with drapery, try to make it more expressive chest and hips and waist less expressive.

Tip 2: Find your color palette

In the 1980s there was a tendency to choose the color of your tsvetotipu:

• "Winter" - cool colors with intensity from light to dark

• "Spring" - warm and bright shades with intensity from medium to light

• "Summer" - cold muted

• "Autumn" - warm muted colors

For example, a woman with dark hair color, brown eyes and olive skin refers to tsvetotipu "Deep Winter", that is, it is necessary to choose the color of winter of the autumn colors in addition to the skin tone and hair color.

If you choose a palette of colors, given your tsvetotip, you can create your own individual style, as you prefer only certain shades. Tip 3: Release your personality out

Your clothes should be an extension of your personality. What image do you want to bring to the world? Are you artistic? Flirty or romantic? Modern?

Express their views in the clothes to give the world something of what you have done. You will feel comfortable in the clothes, which actually represents you. Select the items that symbolizes the essence of your best. It can be pencil skirts, pleated blouses, platform shoes, clothes, striped and polka dots. All that is a part of you!

Do not rely on your clothing to create their own personal style. Necklace with a sign first or last name, bright rims. Brooches, scarves - all of which can perfectly emphasize your individuality and uniqueness. There must be something that you wear every day. Something that your friend will see and immediately thought of you.

Good luck, be beautiful and individual!

Tips on creating a unique style