Tips on how to save the health of your hair for a long time

Tips on how to save the health of your hair for a long time

Every day, our precious hair we are subjecting themselves all sorts of tests, ranging from improper washing, blow-drying, exposure to rain and mud, ending improper brushing. To preserve the beauty of our hair for many years, they require high quality and, most importantly, constant care.

Remember that wet strands always and without exception extremely wide comb comb, preferably made of wood. Not very zealous in this matter, since wet hair is easily damaged. Comb the hair completely worth already dry.

It is highly desirable as it is possible less often use a hair dryer, because the hair, especially at the base, badly perceives the hot air becomes weak after each drying. Do not seek to quickly dry hair, try to wash your hair in advance, and not 5 minutes before leaving the house. Protect your hair with a thermoprotective funds. Pamper yourself hair mask recipes which can be found on

Washing your head, do not collect them in the tail, because such action could severely damage the structure of the hair shaft, pinching the flow of oxygen to it. Leave them loose in this state, they will dry out faster and better.

Tips on how to save the health of your hair for a long time

Regularly trim your hair ends, it is necessary to get rid of split ends and for better growth of new hair. Trimming the ends of at least two times per month. Try to have less recourse to chemical staining, because it causes your curls very harmful, damaging the hair structure. If you already can not imagine myself without coloring, then do it by means of gentle and coloring hair roots only, emulsifying the paint for 5 minutes before washing the entire length to avoid drying out the tips.

Try to avoid frequent straightening or curling hair, these procedures are also not the best way affects the health of your hair. Try to do such a hairstyle that does not require a dense or tight stacking.

Try to eat a varied and healthy diet, and do not forget to take special vitamins such as E and D. The beauty of hair and skin Eat a balanced way to provide the body with all the nutrients that help to keep your hair beautiful.

Try less nervous, because stress can be one of the causes of hair loss, here you can help practices such as meditation or yoga, sports.