How to lose weight through jogging

Today we look at one of the available options in order to bring her figure in perfect shape - run, which is especially important before the upcoming beach season.

Probably, spring is the best time to get your running shoes with a mezzanine, and renew the tradition of morning jogs. After all outdoor exercise is very useful!

It does not matter if you do sports and worked ever. Do you go to a gym, classes for reggaeton or engaged in Callanetics home.

Or just sit all life in front of TV or laptop, just dreaming of a shapely buttocks. The time has come to move - to move in the fresh air! Good weather and motivation in the form of a new bathing suit - excellent companions in the morning jog! Learn more about how to lose weight a woman on

The benefits of running

How to lose weight through jogging

In fact, outdoor training has more advantages compared with training in the area. To begin with, it is trite profitable.

After all, you do not pay for the instructors or administrators consultation rooms for rent simulators. And after a year of regular employment may be coming up a decent amount, which, it seems to us, you can spend quite wisely)

The benefits of running

In addition, outdoor activities are useful, of course, if you run around in the woods or along the promenade is much more useful than along the busy highway. Nevertheless, a portion of fresh air you get anyway.

The active calorie burning

In addition, according to research, outdoor calories expended more active than in the room, about 10%. In addition, the temperature drops under load (in other words, if in a warm apartment will leave on April 10 and run) contribute to enhanced development of white blood cells (which, as we remember from school biology, white blood cells that are responsible for the fight against external and internal harmful factors).

So that the fresh air also strengthens the immune system. In other words - minus the waist, plus health!

How to lose weight through jogging

The method energize

Finally, jogging - is a great way to cheer up and to tune in to a long working day without caffeine. Charge of morning freshness, palpitation, beautiful views of the rising sun, and to dismiss the young leaves are able to create the perfect mood.

And do not just run a marathon. For the first week enough to run for 5-8 minutes, gradually increasing the duration and jogging speed. Just do not forget to warm up, warm up your muscles before jogging.

Also, it is worth remembering that the start and finish a run is worth walking, abrupt start and finish can lead to knock the breath and abdominal cramps.

Tempered, slimmer, take a portion of excellent mood! And let come true all your dreams!