Clothing oversize how to wear and what to combine

Today we will talk and discuss what to wear oversize clothes how and with what to combine. Fragility is almost always in trend images regardless of the season: spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Usually it is expressed through a gentle pastel shades, airy fabrics, round in style.

And in the new season, designers have decided to emphasize the feminine fragility using volumes. Deliberately great things crowd the catwalks and fashion-crowd. A look at about other clothing trends.

The new trend to velikorazmernym things called "an oversized" - how to translate "Google", "oversized". Oversized trends in the first season (the first time a fashion trend appeared in the Kenzo collection), but, as it turns out, not everyone knows the rules.

How to wear big things and not look at this strange?

Clothing oversize how to wear and what to combine

Let's deal together.

It would seem, to look stylish clothes three sizes too large, you need to be Thumbelina. And the risk to become a drifting underwater mine. En-no! And the trend "Jeans my boyfriend," it proved excellent.

Sweater Tunic

Clothing oversize how to wear and what to combine

Another trick for curvaceous ladies - big sweater tunic. Wear it with jeans or leggings narrowed. Thus, we draping some curvy shape and leave the focus on the slim (or more slender than anything else) legs. And yet, it is incredibly convenient. I am a month from these pieces did not get out, honestly (ay-yay-yay!).

The main thing when choosing a sweater-tunic does not give preference to

  • lurex,
  • sequins and
  • other shiny accessories.

Otherwise, you run the risk to be like Alla Pugacheva. All remembered the Russian pop Diva? That's right.

Clothing oversize how to wear and what to combine


Patterns and prints as well leave it to someone else. To look expensive, rich, buy a pair of plain sweaters rich fashionable colors.

Thin image can accessories:

  1. long pendants,
  2. massive decorations for copper,
  3. earrings and bracelets

And do not forget to take a beautiful road bag - the indispensable accessory lady.

free cut jacket

Once on sale at H & M, I grabbed A charming blue jacket. He was the last, and even a couple of sizes too big. Natural female greed still dragged him into the fitting room. And you know, he sat perfectly! In the tradition of oversized.

Clothing oversize how to wear and what to combine

But this is pure luck. Choose a large jacket is more complex than the one that sits like a glove. When you select a view, what went to your mother. This trend comes from the 80s and 90s. Try to choose low-key color. The jacket must be podplechiki. Wear this masculine piece wardrobe should be a short dress or a set of "skirt + top". We want to emphasize their femininity on the contrast? Try narrowed jeans, but not classic pants - too rough and quite girlish. And open arms - roll up your sleeves to not drown in a cumbersome thing.

Clothing oversize how to wear and what to combine

in the style coat oversize

Great coat - incredibly fashionable thing, who decides to wear one, and know how to carry and less. Not to look at a simple street clothes sack of potatoes without legs, always wear a decent heel (from 7cm).

And it is desirable to focus on the neck, so that at least some outline the face in the skein coat fabrics. This may be, for example, contrasting shirt collar or scarf.

Oversized - for the lazy way out and appreciate the comfort of the ladies. Here I am, warmer zamatyvayas to his favorite gray knitted cardigan, had finished a cup of hot coffee with milk and conclude this article. Dress as you feel comfortable, especially since modern fashion on your side.

How to wear bulky items (oversize) and do not appear any more?