How to choose and apply the right perfume

Every person, regardless of sex, whether it is a well-groomed man, or any self-respecting woman, like to surround themselves with pleasant fragrances.

The choice of spirits is not a simple matter, especially when it comes not a newfangled flavors that stifled all, after watching commercials, but the perfume, which will be your business card.

This fragrance, properly selected, can work wonders, making out of the ordinary humble girl purposeful business woman. A man from the brutal, tender and romantic gentleman. From gray mouse rasskovannuyu seductress.

Yes, all these extraordinary transformation can create well-chosen fragrance, ideal individual. Also, highly recommend to pay attention to the spirits by the glass, among which we can find a really standing and extraordinarily beautiful fragrances. And buy the perfume, you can at

How to choose and apply the right perfume

choosing a perfume, do not try it on a piece of paper, which is offered as a probe, it is important to feel it is the interaction with your skin.

Since any odor disclosed or lost on different skin types and to someone he can go, and someone even be unpleasant. Well, about hygiene, I think it is not necessary to remind everyone knows that before applying fragrance should take a shower, to lay down on the smell of fresh leather. Also, the choice of perfume should adhere to the rules and measures do not choose too obvious, and the cloying scent for everyday use, such as to work in the office.

It may be considered bad form. On each day to choose the best light and fresh notes in the perfume, which will give to you and to others a sense of a refreshing breeze.

Another important rule is applied when the spirits of their number. Never be abused too much perfume. Just one spray.

For men, on every day are perfect for citrus fruits and light woody aromas. Nor should we be zealous with bright smell of deodorant in combination with perfume.

It is best to use light sticks odorless, then your perfume will not interrupt other unnecessary notes. Strive for perfect harmony with your inner world picks up the scent, then your union will be an excellent addition to your image and the chosen style.